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OR FROM ANYWHERE WORLDWIDE AT (001) (917) 633-4853 Extension #9110

India’s daughter raped by an Indian Army Officer/Indian Diplomat in New York.

A RECENT RAPE SCANDAL IN NEW YORK of an Indian-American Physician Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. (a single divorcee for 9 years with an only child
from her previous marriage to an Indian Physician practicing in the U.S.).   Anurita hails from a prominent & prestigious royal families of India & Indian
Government officials, (to get more information about Anurita,
you can visit the websites:
http://www.livingstonmedicalgroups.com/aboutanuritaroyalfamily.html  AND  www.lmg4you.com   For a decade, Anurita owns and
operates a nationwide medical company known as Livingston Medical Groups (LMG).  LMG is the only company in the entire United States that offers
over 21 medical services to physicians.  Anurita is a public figure, a well-known, respected lady, a social activist, an innovator, a creator, believing in
helping the society & humanity with all her businesses by making it a win-win situation for all.

Anurita was raped by an Indian Diplomat, Colonel Manoj Tiwari who works as a Senior Commissioned Indian Army Officer, he was then the Military
Attache at that time at Permanent Mission of India to United Nations in New York (PMI-UN-NY), and served as a New York Liaison for the Principal
Defense Accounts & for the Indian Ministry of Defense.  He also calls himself Tiger Tiwari.  He is believed to be now hiding out at the Army War
College at Mhow, India from 2013 to 2015.  
As of September, 2015, Anurita was informed by informers that Tiwari is posted in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Anurita was approached by this Diplomat, Colonel Manoj Tiwari on India’s Republic Day Event on January 26, 2012 at the Indian Consulate in New
York.  This was their very first meeting, Colonel Manoj Tiwari started to chase Anurita despite her refusals to meet him.  He made pretentious
reasons to meet her including using excuses of social service for humanity, and medical project work etc. and praised her of how she is doing great
work for humanity and he is mesmerized by her emotions and care towards humanity.  Calling Anurita a semi-Goddess, and how he never met a lady
like her before and he has not been able to forget her divine presence at the India’s Republic Day Event at the Indian Consulate.  

Because he was an Indian Government official, Anurita trusted him never suspected anything against him.  After Manoj Tiwari’s months of chasing
Anurita, she finally agreed to meet him in a public place for a discussion in between her medical meetings and meetings at the United Nations.  
Manoj’s story to Anurita was that he is single now but was married two times, his first wife ran away with another man, then as a rebound his mother
got him married to a very ugly looking woman named Dipika Mishra-Tiwari who was an uneducated housewife and was very insensitive towards him
but he use to stay with her only for the sake of his two daughters but he realized how he was being very unfair to himself and then left her and is
going through a divorce now.

Anurita says, Manoj is a great talker and a good convincer and told her he is alone and single and looking for a good woman to marry
(which was
a lie since he is still married to Dipika Mishra-Tiwari with 2 daughters Malvika Tiwari, 17 now and Devyani Tiwari, 15 the girls attend The Army Public
School locally in the cities Tiwari is posted at)
does not know anyone in the U.S. and would like to have  a friend in her for advice and guidance.  
Anurita who is a kind-hearted lady agreed to help him if he needed any advice or guidance.  Later, after a few meetings Manoj started to tell Anurita
that he has fallen in love with her to the point of no return, he cannot eat, cannot sleep, cannot breathe & cannot live without her.  In fact, Manoj told
Anurita that if she does not answer his calls, his heart misses a beat and he feels strangulated.  He has become very dependent on her to live his life
and he would be ever so grateful if she accepted his friendship and the very least, if she would consider letting him be with her sometimes as this
helps him to live. After seeing Anurita's face he just doesn't want to look at any other woman.  Manoj said, when God looks down from heaven even
he marvels & wonders who created Anurita?  He told Anurita, that he feels very insecure that someone else could steal her away from him so he
wants to go to all her meetings with her and become her bodyguard to save her from people with bad intentions; since he has nothing but honorable
intentions for Anurita.  He said he was fearful that someone could kidnap Anurita since she looked like an ideal candidate who can get kidnapped
easily so this way he can be there to protect her since he has had rigorous Army trainings to kill and he was a Champion Boxer.  If Anurita was in a
meeting or an event then Manoj used to follow her on his own and sit and wait for her on the stairs of the building including the Indian Consulate
Building, he would keep calling & texting her to leave early so he can be with her for a few moments just to look at her.  He said, he feels that is was
a divine intervention from God that they had met on the special day of India’s Republic Day it has become a Historic day for him now.  Dr. Anurita
Kapur, believed him and felt sorry for him and agreed to meet him in public places as & when time permitted her.  Anurita gave her rules to him and
made sure that Col. Manoj Tiwari understood that there cannot be any kind of physical nor sex since she does not practice nor believes in pre-marital
sex.  Tiwari agreed to her rules and was grateful that she at least she accepted him.  To gain her trust in him, he started to send her unlimited love
texts, unlimited calls daily, e-mails, greeting cards and poetries/songs. Anurita always wondered being that Tiwari was a salaried employee how
could he spare time from work more than half of the working day calling her and writing love letters and songs to her. When was he actually working
at the PMI?  As a routine, Anurita was always invited by PMI and by Manoj Tiwari to his office at the Permanent Mission of India in New York for
events and meetings in his office building.  Manoj literally stalked & hovered over Anurita to learn and study her likes and dislikes and started acting
like the man she wanted to see, his motive was only to deceive her to rape her.

After months of familiarity, one day, Manoj raped Anurita at his office by tricking her to come to his office and adding an unknown sedative in her tea
which was offered to her by him prepared in his office.  30 minutes later his office staff took leave and left the building.  Since they were alone on the
entire floor, Manoj took advantage of the situation and attacked Anurita in his office.  Since, Anurita never smoked, never had alcohol neither drugs
ever in her life, she was not able to tolerate the sedative given to her in her tea by Manoj.  Anurita became very sick and was not able to defend
herself well, when Manoj violently raped her in his office by forcing himself on her and scratching her inside which caused her to have heavy vaginal
bleeding and then raped her.  After the rape, Anurita was devastated with this act of violence and rape towards her and was in severe pain and felt
dirty and disrespected.

She told Manoj Tiwari that she will report him to the Authorities and get him punished for raping her.  Manoj Tiwari first threatened Anurita that
something bad could happen to her if she proceeded to report him but Anurita was adamant in reporting the rape.  So cleverly, Manoj Tiwari quickly
changed his tune and became very apologetic and got on his hands and knees offering Anurita what meant value to her since she is an old fashioned
lady, Manoj promised her that: he wants to make Anurita clean by marrying her, he loves her so much that is why he could not resist having her
sexually, promised her he will never have sex with her again until after they are married, and emotionally blackmailed her that, if she still reported
him then out of shame he will kill himself since he has a 25-years old service with Indian Government & a reputation to protect at work. After making
all these promises to Anurita, to make sure she trusts him again, he made statements like: if he is lying may the worms eat him alive and if Anurita
ever catches him lying and not honoring his promises to her then he gives her the right to shoot him on the spot and he is ready to die for her that is
how much he loves Anurita.  Anurita forgave him thinking that he is truly repenting and maybe he means what he is saying.  Anurita had him swear
by the Gods, his parents, India and the Indian Flag in his office to make sure he is telling the truth which he readily did to make her trust him again.  
Because it is a big stigma in our culture if a woman gets raped, it is very hard to come out in public, Anurita did not want to go through the
embarrassment & shame and kept quiet about the rape and believed Colonel Tiwari.

To authenticate her complaint, Anurita has saved all these evidences like: (1) hundreds of Manoj’s love text messages full of promises of being
together and marrying her from his PMI Cell Phone,
(2) love letters (one of letter claimed by him that he wrote in his own blood) for Anurita on PMI
(3) his emails to Anurita from PMI Accounts, (4) hundreds of pictures of them at events together and, (5) his recorded conversations &
(6) voice-mails, (7) videos and (8) her soiled & bloody clothes with his semen all over it, these were all saved and kept by Anurita to protect herself.  
Also, Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia Singh’s conversations, (10) Preeti's e-mails to Anurita and, (11) Preeti's hundreds of text messages that she
forwarded of Manoj Tiwari slandering Anurita’s name to Mrs. Preeti.

Because Colonel Tiwari was lying about all the promises he made to Anurita only to take advantage of her goodness and innocence, the first
opportunity he got he ran away to India telling Anurita that he is coming right back to marry her so just wait for him.  Of course, after he left the U.S.
he stopped all contacts with Anurita and then she realized that he was a con-artist who was deceiving & scamming her from the get go.  Later, after a
few weeks of his departure to India, Anurita started to receive information and calls from common friends and colleagues that Manoj had been
slandering her name by calling her derogatory terms to the Indian Community in the U.S., the United Nations, to the PMI and to other Indian
Government officials, to protect his image and reputation and to build a ground incase Anurita made complaints against him for raping her.

Anurita investigated this matter and talked to Colonel Manoj Tiwari’s friends and his married girl-friend in India with whom he has been having an
extra-marital affair for 12 years now.  Other names she uses are:
Gupreet Ahluwalia, Preeti Walia, Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia Baljit Singh told Anurita that
she was also raped by Col. Manoj Tiwari and there are many other women who have been the victim of rape by this rapist. Mrs. Preeti said, she did
not report him due to being scared of him and because she has a husband and family.  She uncovered a lot of truth against the Rapist Manoj Tiwari,
including that he use to call almost half of the day and texted her daily since they have been together for about 12 years now.  Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia
also stated that in between the United Nations conferences Manoj Tiwari use to go to the UN Bathrooms and sit and masturbate and take pictures of it
and his naked body parts which he would send to Mrs. Preeti and as a routine she did the same for him to turn him on.   Their affair still continues
since Manoj Tiwari travels to Bangalore 3 to 4 times a year to see her, he checks into The Royal Orchids Hotel next to Mrs. Preeti’s apartment
building and their meeting is solely for sex.   Their sex meetings have been going on for 12 years and are held when her husband is away on a flying
trip.  She stated, her husband Officer Baljit Singh is a good husband and provider to her and her children. Mrs. Preeti exposed Col. Tiwari with much
more details and low acts since she has known him for so long.  Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia Singh is the wife of Officer Baljit Ahluwalia Singh an Indian Air
Force Officer, they have 2 children Sargun 14 and Meher 16 they attend The Bishop Cotton School in Bangalore, India they reside in Bangalore.

As a good citizen, Dr. Anurita Kapur thought it to be her duty to report the rape to the Indian Government offices immediately to get justice against
this Sexual Predator and Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari, she was also hoping to save his other future women preys.  

At this point, to set the record straight to protect her reputation, Anurita had no choice but to proceed with making Rape Complaints against Manoj
Tiwari to the Indian Government Departments and Ministries such as (listed in order below):  

First Anurita reported to The Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York (PMI-UN-NY) was reported the list is as follows:  Officers
reported were: The current Ambassador, (PR) Permanent Representative of India he passed it onto > the past (DPR) Deputy Permanent
Representative of India very quickly he was then transferred to another country then he passed it onto > the current Deputy Permanent
Representative of India who then passed it onto > the Minister of PMI to handle the complaint but he stalled Anurita and took her for a long ride for
over 6 months without any result and wasted her time.  No one investigated the matter at PMI instead passed the buck along to the next without any
outcome.  They seem to be covering up for the rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.

Second Anurita reported to The Indian Embassy in Washington was reported to: Officers reported were: Permanent Representative (PR-PMI-UN-DC),
the past and present Deputy Permanent Representative (DPR-PMI-UN-DC), PMI-Ministers, PMI Counselors, PMI-Head of Chancery, Military Attache.  
Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C., included:  All past and current Ambassadors Permanent Representatives (PR) and Deputy Permanent
Representative (DPR), Counselors, Military Attache, Air Attache and Naval Attache.  No one investigated the matter here either and passed the buck
along to the next without any outcome.  Again, they were also covering up for the rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.

Third Anurita said, " I reported to past Indian Government Officials:  Current President of India, former Prime-Minister of India, former Minister at the
Ministry of External Affairs, former Minister at the Ministry of Defense, former Minister at the Ministry of Home Affairs, former Chief of Army Staff,
Director of 1 Mechanised Infantry, 1 Madras Regiment and the current Leaders of the Indian Congress Party.  Here also, no one investigated the
matter instead passed the buck along to the next without any outcome.  These people were also covering up for the rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari and
did not even investigate the matter."

Unfortunately, it has been over a year since the Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari ran away to india but no justice has been given to Anurita.  Instead of
giving justice to Anurita the previous Indian Government tried to hush everything and shoved it under the rug to protect their high official
Colonel Manoj Tiwari who is a Sex Predator and a Rapist.  

After Dr. Anurita Kapur made complaints against him to the past Indian Government last year, Rapist Tiwari started his lowly acts of making death
threats to Anurita to stop her from going public and filing complaints against him.  Manoj sent to Anurita death threats through several modes of
social media and other ways to scare her and prevent her from making complaints against him and seeking justice for her.

Why has this rapist been getting away all this time and under whose protection?  Why is the Indian Government not reacting after knowing Colonel
Manoj Tiwari’s heinous acts of rape crimes when Anurita has all the proofs?  Why is Anurita the Indian-American Physician not being heard?  Who is
behind it?  This and many such questions are going through everyone’s minds.  When is the Indian Government going to listen to the cries of
Dr. Anurita Kapur and give her justice by punishing the rapist and throwing him out of the office and stripping him for life of his retirement benefits &
perks.  The question is - is the new BJP Government going to listen to Dr. Anurita Kapur’s cries for justice and punish her rapist soon?  Is the Indian
Government going to serve justice to our Indian-American women?  What can we do to get justice by the Indian Government?  Is the Indian
Government going protect our American women from getting raped? Or will they will cover up for rapists because they work for them?

Fourth Anurita said, "then I reported the matter to the United Nations in New York, to the following Departments: the Secretary General (SG) and to
the Assistant-Secretary General (ASG), who happens to be an Indian woman and claims to be the head of the United Nations Department of Entity for
Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women."  To Anurita’s surprise she stated, "this ASG woman also mercilessly ignored my cries for help
and did not do anything about the rape matter neither investigated anything."  Anurita met her in-person at a "Women's Day Event" last year, asked
her for a status on the rape complaint that she sent to her but this woman spoke to Anurita very rudely and gave her a hostile and cold behavior
which disappointed Anurita greatly.
Some Facts: This (ASG) woman is the wife of the former Permanent Representative (PR) of the Permanent Mission of India
(PMI) to the UN in NY.  This former PR at PMI was the direct boss of Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.  According to the Rapist, this ASG woman at UN and
her husband are personally known to the rapist.  
See how everyone is inter-connected.  Could this explain why she did nothing to help Anurita??  
Could she have colored the judgment of others at the United Nations not help Anurita??  Anurita states, "I am hurt to see that I volunteered and
worked so hard to speak for the United Nations to the United States Senators & Congressmen to support the UN but regretfully this woman who is a
salaried employee of the UN is not doing justice to its name.  Now, I actually wonder, if I, a rape victim, am standing right at the doors of the United
Nations Headquarters in NY - knocking for help and my cries are ignored without any explanation - how would I feel?  As a result of this feeling, I am
forced to think about those people that are from such far away lands crying for help and mercy - Are they actually being helped? OR even being
heard??" You be the judge!  
(To Authenticate these facts, the confirmed certified delivery receipts of the Rape Complaint Letters to the UN., and
proofs have been retained for our records.)

Fifth, Anurita said, "then I contacted the American Authorities but so far, she is told the matter is under investigation."

Anurita suffers from physical and emotional traumas caused by rape and death threats made by the Rapist Manoj Tiwari.  This has caused her to
have a distrust in men.  For no fault of Anurita, she is going through pain and suffering caused by Rapist Manoj Tiwari.  Instead of being punished for
raping Anurita, Manoj Tiwari got promoted to a Brigadier rank by the Government of India, despite the rape complaints filed against him.  Stop Rapist
Manoj Tiwari from raping other women and misusing Indian Government power, money and perks/allowances to womanize.  Punish him and throw
him out of the office now and strip him of all his benefits for lifetime and give justice to Anurita for all her traumas, pain & suffering caused by this
conscience-less Monster, Sexual Predator and Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari. Shame on Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari for shaming India, shaming the
Indian Army and shaming the Ministry of Defense.  Is the Indian Army, the Indian Ministry of Defense and the Indian Ministry of External Affairs
helping to cover up for rapists like Col. Manoj Tiwari so he can get away and continue to rape innocent women?

Is the current Indian Government of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and Prime-Minister Narendra Modi going to give justice to India’s daughter Dr.
Anurita Kapur and punish the Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari?

Since, Anurita helps many battered and raped women, she helps to prevent human trafficking of women and children and helps to prevent organ
trafficking, she wants to do an outreach and urge all women to come out in public to help her cause to protect all women globally.  Anurita requests
you to support her cause,
“Zero Tolerance for Rape”, we have to stop men from taking advantage of women and raping them.

Dr. Anurita Kapur has come out in public to fight for justice for her and other women that have been wronged and raped by this Rapist Colonel Manoj
Tiwari and to prevent him from raping other women.  Shame on this Rapist Col. Manoj Tiwari since he has made a mockery out of our Hindu religion,
Hindustani culture & values and for what India stands for “Satyamev Jayatey” meaning Truth Prevails.   Anurita reaches to any woman who has been
raped by the Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari to come forward and tell their story to us so we can help you to get justice.  Your support will not only
prevent and punish Colonel Manoj Tiwari but will be a lesson to stop any other such Indian Government officials who are abusing their governmental
positions, government power and facilities to womanize, using, abusing and raping women and shaming India.

To help to support Dr. Anurita Kapur’s cause
“Zero Tolerance for Rape” to get justice and to give her your valuable suggestions, you can
e-mail her at
zerotolerance4rape@livingstonmedicalgroups.com OR dranuritakapur@yahoo.com  
OR contact her by calling her Nationwide from the U.S. and Canada at (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9111 Zero Tolerance 4 Rape
OR call us anywhere from the world to our International Telephone number 001-917-633-4853 Extension 9111 Zero Tolerance for Rape.
You can also regular mail us at our Lock Box: Zero Tolerance 4 Rape, P.O. Box #243, Teaneck, New Jersey, 07666, U.S.A.

Also, please help Dr. Anurita Kapur’s rape cause by circulating this article to other people and posting it on all social medias, national and
international newspapers, national and international TV Channels, national and international magazines and journals and everywhere else that you
may deem appropriate to get justice for Anurita.  Kindly, keep us posted via e-mail and let us know of the names of those medias that you have
posted or published this article to.  Thank you for your support on this cause.  

On behalf of all the women around world, Dr. Anurita Kapur personally, gives Special Thanks to all the Newspapers and
Publications & T.V. Channels (listed below) for publishing & airing the Press Releases, and to the individuals who helped to
circulate the Press Releases to others.  She admires each Publication for their courage and for taking a bold step by writing
and helping Anurita's cause "ZERO TOLERANCE 4 RAPE" to help her fight for justice, to protect all the women around the
world to be safe and giving awareness to all women and to prevent barbaric crimes like rape.

List of over 145 Newspapers & Publications that have already published and T.V. Channels
that Aired the Press Releases on Anurita's Rape Matter are listed below:

Nehru Bal Sangh, Pune shared a link via TGIN News 24x7.  http://www.nehrubalsanghpune.org/
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Physicians in the United States - Published
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It has come to our attention that Rapist Colonel/Brigadier Manoj Tiwari had been baselessly slandering Dr. Anurita Kapur’s good name and
righteous character and falsely accusing her to save his own skin from being prosecuted for raping her.  Please see listed below there are three
categories who’s names have been given to us as the guilty party to this false slander, false defamation and false rumor mills created against
Dr. Anurita Kapur:

Firstly, after raping Anurita, Rapist Col. Manoj Tiwari has been slandering & defaming Anurita’s good name within her circles, to the Indian-
American community, The Permanent Mission of India New York Staff, Indian Consulate New York Staff, Officers at the United Nations and other
officials of the International Diplomatic Community.  Manoj committed this low-life act to build a ground so Anurita does not report that he raped her.

Secondly, the list includes people who are Rapist Manoj Tiwari’s friends, colleagues, and relatives working for the Indian Government in India and
in the U.S. since they have also been falsely slandering and falsely defaming Dr. Anurita Kapur’s good name and character to protect this Sex
Predator and Rapist Manoj Tiwari.

Thirdly, the list includes the names of some individuals from the Indian-American Community, The Permanent Mission New York Staff, Indian
Consulate New York Staff, United Nations New York Staff and some Indian Media men and women; these people have also been spreading false
rumors, false name slanders and false defamation, with false labels against Dr. Anurita Kapur’s good name.

There are tremendous amounts of good people who highly regard Anurita and her contributions to society, who thought it to be their duty, as they
came forward to reveal the false ugly rumors, false slanders, false defamation that were shared with them from the men and women from the
above mentioned 1, 2 and 3 categories which included the Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.

Dr. Anurita Kapur is requesting all the mentioned categories (above) and anyone else - to come forward and help her cause by reporting to us of
any others that have experienced and heard these type of false slanders and false rumors against Anurita from either Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari
OR other categories mentioned above who have helped in creating this false rumor mill against Anurita to hurt her and in an effort to wrongfully
protect Rapist Manoj Tiwari.

Dr. Anurita Kapur and the concerned Authorities are taking strictest legal actions to prevent slander and defamation, legally prosecute and punish
these individuals.  These criminals are a virus and threat to our society and to good innocent people.

Help us to prevent these people from starting and keeping false rumor mills alive, and spreading by the grapevine of false slander and false
character defamation.  These are serious crimes and punishable acts, that can be prosecuted against.  These evil minded people who are
spreading false rumors, false slanders and false defamation, are only doing the slandering business to gain favors from people, or to get money
and/or other personal gains or favors, and/or even to get attention in society, and/or including hiding their own crimes (like Rapist Manoj Tiwari did),
and/or they even have professional jealousies with others.  These people are evil and a plague to our society, they should be taught a lesson by
immediately reporting them and prosecuting them with strictest punishments so they never do it again.  Let this be a lesson to other such useless
people to beware before they open their mouths against another good fellow-human being.  

Kindly, contact us and share your story with us by giving us the names of the
SLANDERER/DEFAMER and give a description of the ill-content
spoken against Dr. Anurita Kapur.  Remember, if we let such ill-willed people get away then we are helping them to continue the slander and who
knows you might be their next victim of slander and maybe even your families.

For your safety and security, our management promises you that your identity will be kept completely confidential at all times.  By speaking
against such criminals you are helping our humanity and society cause by keeping our society clean and helping fellow-humans to live with pride
and dignity that they deserve.  

Thank you again for helping us in this matter and joining hands against and taking responsibility to keep our system clean of dirt.  Remember: By
participating in such name slanders and defamation of character of a good human being, you too are committing a crime.

To help support Anurita's Cause: "
NO2SLANDER&DEFAMATION" and to report Slanderers and Defamers of Character, please contact us at:
no2slander-defamation@livingstonmedicalgroups.com OR dranuritakapur@yahoo.com
Phone in U.S.: (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9112  OR Worldwide: (917) 633-4853 Ext. 9112   
Regular Mail Lockbox:  No 2 Slander & Defamation, P.O. BOX # 243, Teaneck, New Jersey  07666

(We have retained
a copy of this e-mail for our records to authenticate our complaints).


After reading Manoj's e-mail, Anurita said, Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari is not man enough to own up that it is he who sent Anurita the slandering,
threatening and abusive e-mail instead he is using his daughter Malvika Tiwari's name who is only a 17 years old minor child.  This is another proof of
how clever Manoj is, here too, he is trying to scare Anurita but he does not want any legal slander and threat lawsuits against him so he is using his
own young daughter’s name.  How does a little girl know how to curse, threaten and slander in this adult type of a manner?  A minor child is not
capable of using such adult contents.  What a COWARD Rapist Manoj Tiwari is?  Is this type of a coward actually hired by our Indian Army & Indian
Ministry of Defense, to protect India?  
Manoj are working for the Indian Government to self-serve not to serve our Nation India nor its people.  They are only opportunists.

In this letter, he is falsely slandering, threatening, falsely accusing and falsely defaming Anurita and to top it all off, Rapist Manoj Tiwari is calling
himself:  Best Indian Army Officer, best son, best husband and best father in the whole wide-world.  
Anurita has dissected his letter and wants to
shed more light about Manoj’s false self-praises here:
 Please see the order listed below:

Anurita did not want to bring Rapist Manoj Tiwari’s family into this but to reply to his baseless slandering e-mail, she will mention what more the
Airforce Officer Baljit Singh Ahulawalia’s wife Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia Baljit Singh stated to Dr. Kapur against Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari’s family
(Anurita has full taped conversations of Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia’s statements to authenticate these statements).  Mrs. Preeti said that womanizing,
treacheries and slandering runs in Rapist Manoj Tiwari’s family:

Manoj is claiming to be a great son of a great family & father
(1)        Preeti said, Manoj’s father Retired Brigadier Krishan Kant Tiwari, living in Lucknow, India has had a secret and hidden mistress/girl-friend all
his life while his legal wife was alive and living at home with him.  
Anurita says, “LIKE FATHER LIKE SON”.

(2)        Preeti said, Manoj’s sister, Vijaya Tiwari-Sethi married to Colonel Sethi they live in Lucknow, India, they have two sons, one of the sons
also did some criminal deed towards a girl at his college, due to which he was in a lot of trouble at his college and there was some legal case against
Anurita says, “WOW IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY”.

(3)        Preeti said, Manoj’s wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari’s brother Prashant Mishra’s wife Anjana Mishra was made romantic and sexual advances
towards her by Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.  Due to this reason Dipika’s parents and brother do not like Manoj to be alone around Anjana Mishra.   

Manoj claims to be a great husband
(4)        Preeti said, that Manoj had told her that his wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari was an ugly looking woman in fact she looks like shit - Dipika was only a
living arrangement.  And they both nicknamed her “DODO” so no one suspects when he is talking ill and slandering his own wife Dipika Mishra-
Tiwari.  Manoj said all this because he is so cheap he is only looking for sex from other people’s wives and does not even care if he is slandering his
own wife and mother of his children just to get free sex.  Manoj told Preeti that all Dipika did was stay home, cook and clean and sleep, he supported
her financially always she never worked and has a bad attitude in life like she is better than all others.  Mrs. Preeti said that the first time Manoj raped
her too at her Indian Army Cantt apartment in Patiala, India, (this apartment was close to Manoj’s apartment almost at visible distance) late at night
while her husband was away and her kids were sleeping in the next room. This started happening in 2002 or 2003 when Rapist Colonel Tiwari was
posted in Patiala, India and Officer Baljit Singh Ahluwalia was also posted there.  Preeti stated that Manoj used to get up really early around 3 a.m. to 4
a.m. while his wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari was still sleeping in bed, he would tell her that he is going to exercise & jog early in the mornings to stay fit
for the Army, instead he would run to Preeti’s apartment to have immoral sex with her & he kept hovering over her.  He also used to use the
government buildings, his office and other locations of the Indian Army Cantt to molest her & have immoral sex with Preeti after raping her.  This
went on daily for the entire time he was posted in Patiala, India.  Preeti also said, Manoj Tiwari was using the Indian Government's phones and other
facilities to keep in touch with her almost more than half of the day before going home to his wife in the evening.  Preeti said she wondered when was
Colonel Manoj Tiwari actually working, since he was making sex calls to her all day long from work?  Preeti also stated that, "Rapist Manoj is like a
male-prostitute who will do anything to get ahead in life that is how he has survived in the Army for so long & got promotions, Manoj & his wife Dipika
know how to keep the superiors happy."

 What his wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari should have done was to have a short and tight leash around this untamed dog’s neck so her sex
starved, oversexed pig & sadist husband, Rapist Manoj Tiwari could have been able to harness his urges.  Also, this could have prevented him from
raping other women.  Maybe if he could not be a good husband at least Dipika could have saved other women from being raped outside.  Dipika
Mishra-Tiwari should have been more active in finding out where is this rapist Manoj Tiwari going?  Anurita was told by Manoj that some times in the
past his colleagues at Permanent Mission of India (PMI) and the Indian Army officers at the UN insisted that Manoj should accompany them to nude
bars, so he did visit these nude bars with them, namely: Scandals in Long Island City, New York.  Manoj said, these men use to watch women dancing
naked and even hired them for sex & to do other dirty deeds.  However, to falsely show he is innocent to Anurita, Manoj admitted to Anurita that he is
very ashamed of the Officers at the PMI that they all go to these nude bars and that is why he does not want Anurita to talk to them since they have
lustful intentions for Anurita.  He was manipulating Anurita to stay away from all the men of PMI.  But about himself he told Anurita he has honorable
intentions towards her and that is why he keeps her away from these bad men.  He said he was always scared for Anurita’s safety that is why he
wants to become her body guard to protect her.

Also to prove Rapist Manoj Tiwari is lying to be a great husband, Anurita is attaching 3 pictures (below) of Colonel Manoj Tiwari’s account from a
website known as, TWOO.  Apparently, this website is a dating website for singles looking for a mate.  Sex Predator & Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari
officially signed up on this website with his real name and is shown using his nickname as TIGER (since he calls himself Tiger Tiwari, a perfect name
since all he does is hunt for women preys to rape them) and the pictures will state for themselves that how TIGER TIWARI who's date of birth is
October 1, 1967, stating that he is single and is looking for women between the ages of 30 to 50 years old.  Also, he is describing the type of women
he wants to meet (please see attached 3 pictures as proof below.).  Anurita says, maybe Preeti is right that Manoj is like a male prostitute, look how he
is advertising himself, saying he is single and looking for women on this website called: TWOO.

Manoj claims to be a great father
(5)        Manoj use to tell Anurita, that his children are untamed they only eat and are getting fat especially his older daughter, Malvika (he called her
Molly) she resembles an elephant he keeps telling her to exercise and lose weight but she doesn’t listen and stays locked in her room all the time
and all she does is chat with her friends and eat all day.  The younger girl Devyani (he called her Debbie) is another brat but better than the older one,
they both have taken after their mother who was an ugly woman.  He said, once their divorce is over he is going to leave the daughters with the
mother.  He said, they are a perfect trio of Cinderella’s ugly step mother and sisters all of them are good for nothing.   
Anurita says, WOW, TRULY

(6)        Manoj is accusing in this letter & implying that he did something for Anurita.  So to set the record straight Anurita wants to share with everyone
what Manoj did for her.  The gifts he gave Anurita to prove to her that he is serious about her & his promises of marriage he had made to her:

(1)        1 Red Saree w/gold border bridal type value $50.00
(2)        1 Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring fake gold value $20.00
(3)        1 Samaj Seva cotton saree Red border value $5.00 (Manoj told Anurita he pictures her in simple clothes so no man steals her away from him.)
(4)        1 Samaj Seva cotton saree blue border value $5.00
(5)        1 packet of Sindoor & 1 Small Silver Container to put sindoor in (he told Anurita that his mother use to put sindoor in that kind of a container).  
(6)        1 packet of Dime size Maroon color Bindis value $0.5 cents
(7)        1 The Bhagvad Gita (Hindu Holy Book)
(8)        2 cheap purses on last day in Manhattan at the Century 21 total value of both items $45.00.
(9)        1 Valentine’s day stuffed heart value $10.00
(10)        1 Easter Egg Chicken Stuffed Animal value $10.00
(11)        1 Stuffed Teddy Bear for Anurita’s birthday $15.00
(12) Cow Broach value $2.00 Manoj gave this broach to Anurita saying "you are innocent pure soul as our holy cow you deserve to wear this broach."

(13)        Anurita stated, in fact that at our meetings Manoj use to order only 1 dry meat platter and shared half with her with only water or sometimes
he got her 1 diet pepsi which he would share half as well.  He would not order any bread nor any rice, since he said his government salary is only
$4500 per month so he cannot afford and has to watch his expenses and on some occasions he would not even get food for Anurita, he use to buy
only 1 large coffee that he shared half with Anurita.  This can be verified by the Restaurants Anurita & Manoj went to together: Darbar Restaurant on
46th St. (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues), Darbar Grill on 55th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues) both Restaurants owned by Mr. Manik, he was known
to Manoj and Anurita, the server who use to serve was Chris, who can verify how much Manoj use to spend on the dinner for Anurita.  Tulsi
Restaurant on 46 St., also they knew the owner, servers and the celebrity chefs – Manoj did the same order here as well, Chola Restaurant on 58th
Street, Diner at 23rd Street, Millenium Hotel Coffee Shop he would buy 1 large coffee and shared half with Anurita.

Later, after Manoj ran away to India.  Anurita talked to a lot of people commonly known to them, Anurita found out that Manoj was lying about his
salary being only $4500 per month and he said he paid for all expenses from this measly salary.  Actually he use to get paid additionally by the Indian
Government for his monthly expenses: such as, over $10,000 per month for his apartment rent in New York City, all his utilities were paid for, his
national and international cell phone bills were paid, transportation and free business class travels by airlines including Air India was all paid for,
meals allowances $1500 per month to take out people for dinner.  Manoj was lying to fool Anurita so she feels sorry for him & so he made her pay for
everything - he is a cheapskate.  Just see how this shameless & corrupt character Tiwari's salary & expenses were being paid for by the Indian Tax-
Payers' monies while he was womanizing & enjoying the benefits for free.  What a waste of Indian Tax-Payers' hard earned monies?

(14)        Most of the times, Manoj tried to give Anurita to eat at the events where he was invited to so he doesn’t have to spend money on food for
Anurita.  Anurita said she used to refuse to eat these foods & pay for her own meals while going back home after seeing Manoj.

(15)        Other times, because Manoj did not want to spend money on taking Anurita to movies, concerts or anything else, he would only suggest to
her to walk by the water on East Side River by the United Nations or take a drive in her cars to places & sit in her car listening to music for

Anurita says, "basically, Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari was a con-artist, a liar & a rapist who fooled Anurita well as he acted single, hurt her physically,
emotionally, sentimentally & scarred her for life, wasted her valuable time & slandered & defamed her good name to save his own skin."
Rapist Manoj Tiwari is a user and an opportunist too.  He asked Anurita to buy him an apartment in New York City so every time he visits the United
States he can reside there and finally be there after they are married.  Anurita gave him expensive gifts from Aristocratic Stores namely: Neiman
Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue Bloomingdales and other high end stores: Expensive Brand Name: dozens of Neck Ties, Colognes, Clothes,
Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Wallets, Godiva & very expensive Chocolate Boxes, real gold jewelery & much more.... (Anurita has kept receipts & others proofs
of all her expensive gifts given to Manoj Tiwari and he accepting them & wearing them.)
Rapist Brig. Manoj Tiwari opened up this Account on TWOO way before he even knew Dr. Anurita Kapur.
Scroll down to see the complaint against
Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari & SHOCKING
TRUTH UNCOVERED in this Rape Case.


On August 12, 2014, I, Dr. Anurita Kapur was invited to attend Eid-ul-Fitr Event at the Indian Consulate in New York by President of INOC Juned
Qazi.  I came into the building and checked in at the reception against my name on the invitees list and went to the Ballroom and was sitting there.  
Meanwhile Consul General Mulay who was in his residence above sent word through Deputy Consul General that I cannot be there and asked me to
leave.  I told them that I am an invited guest by Juned but despite my true reasoning they refused to hear anything and wanted me to get out so
Mulay could come down to attend the event.  Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay disrespected me and embarrassed me by putting psychological
pressures on me to make me leave the Consulate Building during the event.

Ambassador Mulay created a scene, I was told he refused to come down from his apartment to join the event & put a condition to organizers that
until I left the building he will not start the concert & he actually delayed the Ghazal Concert for over an hour by his absence.  With the intentions of
not wanting to spoil the event conducted by my friends, I was psychologically forced to leave with a heavy heart and tearful eyes.

To set the record straight, Ambassador Mulay & his team are only "CARETAKERS" of the Indian Consulate Building, they are not the owners of the
building. These
"CARETAKERS" ("Caretakers" by definition means: People incharge of the maintenance of the building to make sure
everything is in working order, such as: the pipes, bulbs, sewer system, paint, mopping, brooming, dusting, cleaning, repairs, including
all other things needed to ensure all is working properly.)
are only in this building for three years and once they complete the term they have
to go.  But we the Indian-American residents who live here permanently in New York, we use the Consulate as our second home in the U.S.  It's run
on Indian tax payers money & not from Mulay’s pocket.  I kept quiet because I did not want to create a scene with all the Indian Community leaders

Now I leave it to you why I was literally thrown out of the Indian Consulate premises – on what grounds?  What sin did I commit to deserve this type
of a behavior?  Was I not supposed to take part in the celebration being an Indian by birth?  I have been invited to the Indian Consulate for the past
20 years and this never happened before.

Will the Consul General Dnyaneshwar Mulay explain to me why I was singled out when all the other guests were invited?  Being the Government
Employee Consul General of India is bound to answer to me – why???

Is he supporting the Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari by throwing me out or approve of his actions and trying to please him?

I will also take this matter up, with all the top notch dignitaries including the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

To make your comments or suggestions, you can e-mail me at:
comments-consulgeneralindiany@livingstonmedicalgroups.com OR
Phone in U.S.: (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9112  OR Worldwide: (917) 633-4853 Ext. 9112   OR via
Regular Mail Lockbox: No 2 Slander & Defamation
Comments - Consul General India New York, P.O. BOX # 243, Teaneck, New Jersey  07666
If you are having difficulty viewing this video simply copy & past the link into your browser.


It has also come to our attention through very reliable sources, that Dr. Anurita Kapur is also being further victimized by false slander,
character defamation and false name calling labels by other people as well.  It has been heard that to harass Anurita and falsely slander
her good name, by some low-lives, the categories are as follows:
(1) certain Indian Medias in the U.S., along with some other (2) Indian &
Indian-American Community people living in the U.S. and
(3) some self-proclaimed fake Indian Leaders in the U.S. they have been
spreading false rumors and slanders with PMI and CGI against Dr. Anurita Kapur.
 These evil minded people, who are liars have started
rumor mills and are slandering innocent Anurita to harass her and to create false reasons to segregate her and also to cover themselves.  
These three category people are small minded, corrupt and kiss-assers of the Permanent Mission of India in New York (PMI) and Indian
Consulate New York (CGI).  These people are not in the public nor media business to be truthful as they claim, they are in it for their short-
term personal gains by spreading false information to gain importance in our Indian Society.  These types of low lives are the actual
enemies of our great nation
"INDIA AND ITS CULTURE" and a hindrance to India's progress.  Anurita states, "we are the true loyalists of
India, we should make it our duty that as soon as we identify such false characters they should be reported immediately and warned
against to others so that they cannot continue to hurt innocent people."   Some more factual reality is that these low-life characters are
copy cats who have stolen Anurita's ideas and used her contacts and further used her to help them monetarily and through her abilities
and knowledge so they can actually gain personal benefits for themselves, not to help others as they falsely claim.
According to some
informers, Anurita was told that these low-lives from the Indian Community in U.S. make-up false stories to sell to the Indian Government
for short-term monetary gains.  So you can see how corrupt these people are in fooling the Indian Government.

Furthermore, these three-category evil men & women have been heard falsely accusing Anurita of being:  A PAKISTANI, A PAKISTANI
.  Why and Who is behind this?  It has been heard to have been repeated several times at
the PMI and the CGI by these people.  All these labels are false and without any basis.  These labels are only being used to tarnish         
Dr. Kapur's good name and to victimize her since she made rape complaints against Rapist Manoj Tiwari.  This is all being done in an
effort to save their faces and to prevent the current BJP Indian Government from helping Anurita to get justice.  Additionally, before
fleeing for India, Rapist Manoj Tiwari gave some names to Anurita of some Indian Press Media men & women and some Indian-American
Community people and Indian Community Leaders here in the U.S. who had been slandering Anurita’s name for no reason to him as
well.  The names of all these dirt bags are being reported and they will be investigated, they will suffer punishment and a legal lawsuit
against them for their evil & malicious intentions for hurting and tainting Dr. Anurita Kapur's good name without any basis.  Anurita stated,
"we have to teach them a lesson so no other innocent person is hurt by them.  I will expose each and every culprit with full proof."

Anurita also pointed out that in the beginning when she sent out the PRESS RELEASE (1) to all Media to publish some Indian Media
contacted her and tried to scare her not to publish this Press Release 1.  They said that if its published think about what will happen to her
and to her daughter.  Like trying to scare and threaten Anurita. Still Anurita did the right thing by going ahead and got it published.  

For a fact, it has been heard by reliable source, that the current Permanent Representative of India (PR) Asoke Kumar Mukerji at the
Permanent Mission of India (PMI) to the United Nations in New York has been heard saying dirty name callings and using derogatory
terms (see below those terms) and falsely slandering Dr. Anurita Kapur’s name.  
The current PR of PMI been heard calling Dr. Kapur, “A
among other labels without any proof or basis.  Why is he saying these ugly words to taint
Anurita’s righteous image?  Also, this current PR got Anurita's name taken off the Prominent Indians Invitee List at PMI & instructed CGI-
NY to stop inviting her at their Events.  If this is what his opinion is about her, then this explains the reason why this current Indian
Permanent Representative of PMI has been sitting on her Rape Complaint Letter since November, 2013 to present.  Instead of
investigating the matter they were busy slandering Anurita and covering for the rapist by shoving everything under the rug.  Since no
action was taken by PMI, the Indian Army promoted the Rapist Manoj Tiwari to a Brigadier Rank.

In an effort to diffuse tension and our demand for justice, it is falsely being spread, to the media by some former Indian Officials in India,
that they never received Dr. Anurita Kapur’s Rape Complaint letter in time and that is why the Indian Army promoted Sex Predator and
Rapist Col. Manoj Tiwari to a Brigadier rank.   Anurita says, since we are demanding action to be taken against the Rapist they are making
excuses to cover up and save themselves from answering questions such as: Why was there no action taken for almost a year against
the rapist?  Why was the rapist promoted to a Brigadier rank despite of the rape complaints against him?  Anurita genuinely fears that
maybe this announcement by the Indian Officials that Army Orders Probe against Brigadier accused of Rape is just a farce to protect this
rapist.  In her experience, so far, they have been only making excuses to her for over 10 months.  Please read below to understand why
she fears that it could be a farce?

Firstly, the former Indian Army Chief of Staff and their representatives are claiming that the Army promoted Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari
to a Brigadier rank since they never got the complaint letter in time.  In reality, Dr. Kapur had spent hundreds of dollars to secure delivery
of her complaint letter and made sure each recipient gets the mail and she paid extra for a returned receipt of acknowledgment through
the United States Postal Service (USPS is a highly reliable source since it comes under the U.S. Federal Government.).  According to the
USPS receipts, every recipient in India including the Chief of the Army Staff  and the Indian Army Director of 1 Mechanized Infantry had
received Dr. Kapur’s complaint letters by
December 9, 2013. They are only using this excuse that due to non-receipt of the complaint
letter they accidentally promoted Colonel Tiwari to a Brigadier rank.  These explanations are not true.  Anurita was told by reliable
sources that Rapist Manoj Tiwari was promoted to a Brigadier rank recently around April/May, 2014.  Who is lying and why?  

Secondly, just to be safe, Dr. Kapur doubly sent the same Rape Complaint Letters addressed to each recipient in a large box to the
Ambassadors and current the Military Attache at the Indian Consulate/Mission in Washington, D.C. along with a letter requesting him to
disperse immediately via their Diplomatic Channel to all the following:  (1) Indian Army Personnel, (2) All Indian Ministries and (3) Political
Leaders of Congress.  She was told that her letters were sent to all via their Diplomatic Channel.  What happened to the Diplomatic
Channel mode of transportation that no one was in receipt of Anurita’s complaint letter?  What is the truth?  This is quite surprising that a
woman is raped and she is complaining to them and no one thought it to be their duty to even on their own forward her complaint to the
Indian Army who the Rapist Col. Manoj Tiwari is working for.  There are a lot of such boggling questions Anurita wants answers to like:
Who was the PMI in New York talking to when they were giving a run around to Dr. Anurita Kapur for over 6 months and falsely consoling
her by saying the matter is being investigated? Who was conducting the investigation and where and what was the outcome?  There are
no answers by PMI for any of Dr. Kapur’s logical questions.  They are all lying and covering to protect each other and helping by aiding
and abetting a criminal Sex Predator Rapist Manoj Tiwari to run around free to rape other women.  By doing this they all have further
victimized, Dr. Anurita Kapur after Rapist Manoj Tiwari raped her.  Dr. Anurita Kapur has maintained a list of names and log of
conversations to each official with date and time and the dodging answers given to her by all these officers.

In light of the above facts, Dr. Anurita Kapur fears that what if all these officers are going to keep playing games with her and continue to
keep taking her on a long roller coaster ride by simply saying they are investigating the rape matter?  Is this a tactic that’s being used in
the past with her just to diffuse the tension so Anurita, the media and other people do not bother them to seek justice?  Dr. Kapur says,
there has to be a proper solution and we need to address this directly to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to personally look into this matter
and take action against any improper harassment and prejudices against her that are taking place at the PMI, CGI level and other parties
such as some trouble makers Indian Media and some bad fish from the Indian Community that are working against Anurita to her hurt
more by false name callings labels and false slanders.

Anurita already suffers as a victim of violent rape, physical trauma (Anurita’s genuine fears, what if this Rapist had STD’s Sexually
transmitted Diseases or AIDS? As some diseases take time to manifest.), emotional trauma, mental trauma, spiritual trauma, moral trauma
and has been a victim of name slander and character defamation by the hands of the Rapist Col. Manoj Tiwari and, then PMI, CGI including
former Indian Government Officials in India also showed prejudice and discrimination against her for no fault of hers.

Not only did she suffer pain through all types of rapes by Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari – but she also has suffered pain through the hands
of Permanent Mission of India to UN in New York, Indian Consulate, Government officials which includes the former Indian Ministries.  
Anurita states, “they all have slapped me even harder by going to them and reporting the rape matter to seek justice for myself.  Instead
of punishing the Rapist they promoted him to a brigadier rank.”  As if her endless pain was not enough, that they even segregated her
and rejected her, by taking her name off their Prominent Indian Invitee List.  Anurita was always a part of the Indian-American Events at
the PMI and CGI for over 20 years, but they stopped inviting her to their events and discriminated against her by making her an outcast.  
What was her fault for being raped?  A recent behavior by CGI proves this point by what happened on August 12, 2014, when she was
invited to an Eid-ul-Fitr Event at the Indian Consulate in New York, but the (CG) Consul General Dnyaneshwar Mulay sent word through his
(DCG) Deputy Consul General who put psychological pressures on her to leave the Consulate on no valid grounds but only to show their
true colors since Anurita has reported their Officer Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.  What type of a representation are these Indian Officers
giving to India?  By showing these ill-behaviors they are only showing their true colors and shaming our Great Nation India and its
teachings.  Instead of helping Anurita the victim & get justice, their actions are victimizing her and not letting her heal.  They behave as if
according to them, Anurita is not suppose to have a life anymore and should cease to exist.  What type of a barbaric behavior is this???

This type of behavior by PMI and CGI shows that they, and the former the Indian Government officials and the former officials in the
Indian Army will never be fair to Anurita at all, they will only try to save their face in public and protect their officer Rapist Brigadier Manoj
Tiwari by making up false stories against Anurita.  They are harassing Anurita to save their own skin.  This proves that she will not be
given a fair trial at all.
(Read below 6 Shocking Developments Items: I, II, III, IV, V, VI.)
(To authenticate these allegations – that the current Permanent Representative slandered Anurita, she has retained evidence for it.)
(To authenticate these allegations – Anurita has retained evidence for it about the false slanders & labels against her name and
evidence of some Indian Media in U.S. who tried to psychologically threaten her not to publish the Press Release 1.)


It is really sad how these evil minded people are tarnishing a good and productive human being’s names for personal gains – they
have no morals.  But to set the record straight here, please read about the real works of Dr. Anurita Kapur.  She is an Indian-American
Physician, her expertise is also in medical administration by creating and operating Rural Health Clinics in Health Physician Shortage
Areas of the United States.  Her goal is to advance cures, and means of prevention, catastrophic diseases through research and
treatment.  She is dedicated to promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders and achieving victory over mental illnesses
through advocacy, education, research and service.  Anurita wants to share with everyone how she has always been involved in for
profit and non-profit good cause work world-wide this includes helping our nations the United States and India.

For over a decade now, Anurita created a company called Livingston Medical Groups which is the only company in the entire U.S.
which offers over 21 Services for Physicians including International Medical Projects for collaboration with governments world-wide
to help those countries for a mutual benefit.   She had been very instrumental in creating these Medical Projects for advancements
and providing healthcare to the underserved areas of the U.S. and her passion to do the same for the underdeveloped countries.

Due to her love for India and her dream to stay connected to her roots in India she wished to do the same by serving India through
her Company’s over 21 Services and International Medical Projects work.  Her passion is to take India to further heights of progress
by using her American knowledge in medical administration, through medical advancements and medical education trainings in the
U.S. to help the Indian Physicians in India.  Last couple of years, Dr. Anurita Kapur had several meetings with many of the Indian
Government Ministers (who are former Indian Ministers now) informing them about her International Medical Projects work.  Anurita
also had a meeting with Mr. Shatrughan Sinha, a member of the Rajya Sabha and twice Former Indian Union Cabinet Minister of India
for Health and Family Welfare.  She  discussed with the Ministers and pursued a possible collaboration with the Indian Government
which included some of her International Medical Projects mainly
these meetings, Anurita also spoke to them about creating a New Department for Foreign Medical Education with the Government of
India, which would be under her supervision and she would situate offices in New Delhi, India and in New York.  Anurita initiated
these meetings in an effort to possibly collaborate with the Indian Government to profit India in a big manner, broaden many
horizons and help her Nation India towards further medical education growth.

Anurita explained to these Indian Ministers that this Project would be very beneficial for India and the Indian Government, without
costing them much, Anurita’s projects will give large fundings to this newly opened Department for Foreign Medical Education.
Anurita told them that under her leadership, this project would bring in millions of dollars to the Indian Government’s Treasury as she
delivered the end product to the Indian M.B.B.S. Physicians.  Once this project launches well, she told the Indian Ministers that she
planned to add additional services to this partnership contract with the Indian Government.  This information shared by Anurita, was
very well received by the former Indian Ministers.  Anurita also provided them with concept notes and other paperwork.

Dr. Anurita Kapur is a socialist and has been involved in humanitarian good cause work by giving voluntary services to our society.
See some of Anurita’s voluntary services, contributions and good will gestures to help our Society – listed below:
(1)         Anurita, is an Executive Board Member of UNA-USA UNF, a Program of the United Nations Foundations.  As a Board
Member, she supports the United Nations by meeting with U.S. Senators and Congressmen, informing them of statistics of the
world-wide progress and work of the United Nations.  She urges them to support the UN and continue their monetary
responsibilities towards the UN Projects.  She is now also a part of the World Federation of the United Nation Association (WFUNA).
(2)         Anurita has worked with and helped many raped victims and battered women who have been traumatized of their
(3)          Anurita is an Advisory Board Member of GBI – a non-profit medical organization deals with many medical issues including
dealing with preventing organ trafficking globally with the help of International Police (INTERPOL) and Secret Service.
(4)          Anurita also helps in preventing human trafficking of women and children.
(5)          Founder and President of Universal Peace Organization (U.P.O.).  U.P.O. is a worldwide organization it is affiliated with
over 52 countries.  Anurita’s mission through U.P.O. is to give education awareness to the people around the world and “Light the
world with modern education.”
(6)          Anurita is a Founder & President of DR. ANURITA KAPUR FOUNDATION under whose umbrella she has created a branch
known as, “GLOBAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION (G.H.O.)”.  Anurita’s mission is to setup Medical Camps and Rural Health Hospitals in
the villages of the underdeveloped countries and give medical treatment free of cost to the poor.
(7)          Founder and President of SUNCKAT MOCHAN which is a Hindu religious non-profit organization.  
(8)         She is also a supporter of various organizations such as: medical, religious, educational, legal, including the United
Nations, the World Health Organization, American Red Cross and many more.  Since it is hard to mention everything here to get
more information about Anurita’s Personal Achievements, her family backgrounds and her family's achievements for our society
and India, please visit:  

Anurita stated, “On the contrary to these slanderers false stories against me, I have never even taken nor asked for a dollar for any
of my non-profit services that I provided in the U.S. and worldwide.  I have only & truly done selfless work to serve humanity
through my medical, humanitarian, goodwill & volunteer services including donating my own money to help the worldwide
causes.  My good cause services that I provided were done solely by my generosity and goodwill gesture.  Throughout my good
cause works, I have donated my own hard earned money, time, efforts and above all with a clean conscience of truly helping the
communities and the world by applying my: abilities, talents, education and knowledge without expecting anything in return.  I
feel due to my helpful nature and hard work, God gave me special abilities, talents and knowledge to me and so I share them and
give to others in need.   When I serve people, it gives me immense pleasure and inner and spiritual peace.”
Please think about these questions:  Why are they doing this?  Who is behind this?  What is their motive?  Anurita is requesting to all
viewers and supporters to please write us your comments: for your thoughts & suggestions, with a possible direction to support her
cause, please contact us at:
no2slander-defamation@livingstonmedicalgroups.com OR dranuritakapur@yahoo.com
Phone in U.S.: (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9112  OR Worldwide: (917) 633-4853 Ext. 9112   
Regular Mail Lockbox:  No 2 Slander & Defamation, P.O. BOX # 243, Teaneck, New Jersey  07666
To prove that Indian Officials in India did indeed receive Anurita’s original Rape Complaint Letter dated November, 2013, please see
below attachment as EXHIBIT-A: 3 pictures of United States Postal Services (U.S.P.S.) returned receipts confirming delivery to the
Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, the former Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs on December 9, 2013.  Anurita has retained
records of all returned receipts confirming delivery to all others she sent her Rape Complaint Letter to in India and in the U.S.
See posted here are pictures of the United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S. which is a U.S. Federal Government Agency) certified
return receipts confirming delivery of the certified mail of the Rape Complaint Letter to: the Chief of Army Staff of The Indian Army,
former Prime-Minister and former Home Affairs Minister on December 9, 2013.  Anurita has retained many more such receipts for her
records to prove that each and every individual received the Rape Complaint Letter in the U.S. and India.
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Right from the time the Permanent Mission of India (PMI) to UN-NY received Anurita’s Rape Complaint in November, 2013, they have been
making statements to Anurita that: they are not handling this case here – it is totally out of their hands - it is in the hands of India and India is
handling it.  If what they said was true then why are they sending a list of questions to Anurita now?

For your information, recently, (PMI) sent Anurita a list of questions to answers about her rape complaint against Rapist Colonel Manoj
Tiwari. (This list of questions have been retained for our records.)  In light of the above mentioned facts, these questions by the PMI are full
of prejudice, discriminating, harassing, slandering and defaming towards Anurita’s good character.  So rather than trying to be against the
rapist for her raping her these questions are sounding like they are blaming Anurita for getting raped.  How fair is that?

These questions from the PMI, are malicious sounding, twisted and implying to having a double meaning that can be taken in a negative
manner towards Anurita.  It seems very conveniently, they are only believing the Rapist rather than the Victim. This is all a result of Rapist
Manoj’s false stories.  Like the Rapist Manoj lied to Anurita about his marital status and all other false stories he gave her to start-up a
relationship with her, then after raping her he basically framed and fooled Anurita into believing him so she does not report him.  

The same way Rapist Manoj Tiwari explained his false stories to the Permanent Mission of India (PMI) to UN in New York and other Indian
Government Authorities including the Indian Army and Indian Ministries that they are all believing him.  Now if the Rapist Manoj is smart
enough to make a fool out of the Indian Army & Indian Ministries and the Indian Officials who are supposed to be intelligent people with an
IQ equivalent to the Indian Intelligence Agencies, and they are actually believing all his lies by playing in his hands - then how come they
are blaming Anurita who is just a woman for believing this Rapist?  Like the Indian Government Officials, Anurita also made the same
mistake by trusting and believing this scam artist and manipulator, Rapist Brig. Manoj Tiwari and became his victim?

After the facts, now Anurita’s analysis is that because Rapist Manoj Tiwari has been raised as a part of the Indian Government System (due
to his father being in the Indian Army) and later working for them, he is very familiar with the way the Indian System works, he knows how
to, when to manipulate people.  So Manoj is gifted in turning the opposition to his side by his sly tactics.

From Anurita’s first-hand experience, she states that: “Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari is a highly smooth operator and a great talker, who is
quite skilled and trained in manipulations.  Manoj has mastered of the art of seduction of what to say, when to say and how to say to hook a
woman.  Anurita says, a good example would be similar to a salesman who would sweet talk you into buying a lousy product.  Here the
lousy product was Manoj's false love that he tried very hard to convince me of and made me fall in love with him.  My only fault was that I
took his word and believed him.  She said, he has answers to almost everything and makes up believable stories as he goes along to
convince you.  If you have doubts and try to ask him intelligent questions about his stories he has even more elaborated answers with
examples to convince you.  Manoj can make the questioner feel dumbfounded and silly for even asking him any questions.  Also, to prevent
me from asking questions about him from other people at his office or his friends, he’s proven himself to me to be highly skilled on ‘how to
set-up people against each other’ so he is not exposed.  My observation is that he used the “divide and rule policy, so people are busy
fighting amongst themselves, losing focus from him.”

Anurita gave another example of his manipulations by a proof:  “Every time I asked him valid questions about the statements he made to
me; he used to show me that he feels so sad, and that he loves me so much and how come I am not trusting him. To avoid answering my
questions, Manoj would come up with tricky answers, he used to say evasive type of words like:
he cannot answer since there are security
issues at work, he has to lay low before the radar for now and, men at PMI are keeping a close eye on him.
 Another explanation he use to
give me was that: since he loves me so much that he’s very scared of losing me and just the thought of not being able marry me kills him -
and he expects me to have patience.  Manoj said poetic words to me like:  My love, true love is supposed to be patient and therefore waits.”

Anurita said, “every time I questioned him on valid reasons, he said he feels like he is a criminal and does not expect that his ‘wife to be’
should be behaving in this manner and interrogating him so much.  He said he has a need to be trusted and to be believed otherwise he will
start to get sick.  She said, "to fool me, Manoj even pricked his finger and put his blood in my hair like sindoor to show his seriousness of
marrying me."

Anurita said, “Manoj used to put psychological pressures on me to believe him so I did.  Another reason that I did not question him much
was the fact that since I was already raped, I felt: physically, morally and spiritually dirty.  I wanted to clean myself so instead of arguing and
creating problems I thought best to be quiet since he has promised me a marriage and after our marriage, I will be able to clean myself.  He
used to call me his wife and so I did not want to sound doubtful and had to believe him.  I did not want to lose my chance of getting cleaned
bodily and spiritually through marriage."

Dr. Anurita Kapur is afraid since the PMI and CGI’s minds are prejudiced towards her due to Rapist Manoj Tiwari’s false stories, and their
slandering statements against her, she fears that she will not get a fair trial by the Indian Army/India Government after all the negative has
been that has been fed to them against her by the Rapist and Indian Officials here including the PMI and CGI.  In light of these new and
shocking facts, Anurita will not answer these discriminating questions from PMI since they are full of prejudice against her and instead of
helping her PMI is trying to frame her.  So Anurita wants to get a fair trial, only through Prime-Minister Narendra Modi.  She wants that Prime
Minister Modi should help her by being involved in this case personally and arrange for a fair trial for her by being next to her every step of
the way through the entire case.  Also, she is requesting him to have the entire hearing to be aired worldwide in all languages and open to
public so everyone can see if Anurita is dealt with fairly or not.  

Anurita says, “since I have heard good things that Prime Minister Modi wants to do good for India and his conviction to clean and fix any
Corruption, she is relying only on these words about him, and requesting him to personally help her in her rape matter trial so she can get a
fair justice.
(To prove that Manoj didn’t want to be questioned see attached below as EXHIBIT – B:  a picture of one of his many, many greeting cards
given to Anurita to trust him and not to doubt him written in Hindi. He even wrote this greeting card in Hindi for Anurita since she
loves Hindi.).  
See posted here a picture of Manoj Tiwari's one of his many, many greeting cards given to Anurita to trust him and not to doubt him
written in Hindi. He even wrote this greeting card in Hindi for Anurita since she loves Hindi to prove his honesty.).  
English translation from Hindi of this card:  
Right page:  Dear Anu, On this today's holy day.  I wish that we are together forever.  Today and in the days to come, I want to be trusted and respected.  I
pray to God that he keeps you happy and satisfied forever.  Your own, Manoj

Left Page:  Happy Meeting Anniversary.  Understand the holiness of my love.  Let your feelings flow.  Don't stop don't think.  Monsters are suppose to be
doubted not your love.  True lovers are found through fortunate destiny.  Use your heart to think not your mind.

Right Page in Hindi:  Priye Anu, Aaj ke iss pawan din par asha karta hoon ke hamara saath hamesha rahe.  Aaj aur aanewale kal bhi vishwas aur samman
chahta hoon.  Ishwar se prarthna karta hoon ki sada tumhe prassan aur santusht rakhen.  Tumhara apna Manoj.

Left page:  Milan ki saalgirah mubarak, Mere pyar ki pavitrata ko samjho... Apni bhavnao ko behne do.. Roko mut socho mut.. Shak darindon par kiya
jaata hai apni mohabbat par nahin.  Sachchey aashiq bahut naseeb se miltey hain. Dil se sochkar dekho dimaag se nahin.

Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari has been heard telling many people including to Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia-Singh that he does not even know
Anurita that well.  Manoj is claiming that he only had coffee with Anurita for only 3 times and does not know why he is being accused of
having a relationship with Anurita?  To set the record straight and to prove that he is a liar.  

Anurita has retained hundreds of pictures with him together at events and meetings and lots and lots of his handwritten cards and letters
and notes, hundreds of love text messages from him and videos and tape recording of his promises and love talk.
See posted here some more pictures of Manoj’s handwritten Greeting Cards, poetry book and notes of songs he sang for Anurita.
Please see some of their pictures together and his handwritten greeting cards and poems below as Exhibit – C and Exhibit - F shows
pictures of him with Dr. Anurita Kapur (Scroll down to end of this page).

Shocking truth uncovered to Anurita about this sexually sick Sex Predator & Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari and how he is having dirty sex
chats with other Indian men and he wants to give his wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari to them while he wants to be part of the kinky threesome.  Is
Rapist Manoj Tiwari and his wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari both mentally and sexually sick?  Is this why Rapist Manoj was not checked by his
wife Dipika when he was going around raping innocent women?  Was she in on these sexual games and aware of his sick sexual kinky
activities?  Is Dipika his accomplice in these sick sexual crimes?  And is this why when Rapist Manoj was missing for long hours from
home, Dipika never objected his absence since she was aware of his sick sexual games?  Were they both getting off on the kinky sexual
activities?  Was Manoj asking Dipika to cover for his sex crimes?   Was Dipika also looking for women for her sex starved husband Manoj
so he can rape them?  Please read these shocking sex chats pictures as they speak for themselves.  
OR is Rapist Manoj Tiwari
disrespecting his wife Dipika by offering her to other men in these chats in lieu of getting free sex from these men's wives?  And, by
offering his wife Dipika, is Manoj hoping that they might offer him their wives, such as
"WIFE SWAPPING"? You be the JUDGE here please
read below the sick chats.  Can be people like Tiwari who have no character be good for holding high positions India?

Also, see attached other types of chats from this Racist and Sex Predator Rapist Manoj Tiwari: these chats are purely racist and abusive
against others human beings.  Seems that he is chatting with men from Australia in English (see Exhibits-E – pictures of racist and abusive
chats by Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari.)

See this sick Racist, Sex Predator and Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari in action and showing his true colors of what he really is?
Two - Filthy Racist Chats by Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari
in English no translation required.
Filthy Dirty sex chats by Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari to find a man for his wife Dipika to get sex and also for himself
written in Hindi translation required.
Sick Manoj is caught red-handed "WIFE SWAPPING" here.
NOTE:  These chats are on the World Forum so now we know instead of having World Peace Talks what actually goes.
Please see attached Exhibit – D: the pictures of Rapist Manoj Tiwari’s dirty sex chats:.  Since these dirty, vulgar, filthy sex chats are
written in Hindi, we are trying to get them translated in English.  Thank you for your patience.  
Translated in English:  Manoj Tiwari is writing,  "not
only does my wife needs to get fucked by another
man but we both want  to get fucked by someone
who can fuck us both.  Where are you?"
Translated in English:  Another Chat User XXX:
Writes a Reply to Manoj:  "Hi Manoj please call me
I will make your wife very happy."
English Translation:  Title Above says:  I WANT TO GET MY WIFE FUCKED.
Translated in English:  Manoj Tiwari is writing
that, "I am light skin & my is wife pretty but my
penis is small & my wife is not happy.  We both
want to get fucked.
Translated in English:  Manoj Tiwari is writing,
"when I fuck my wife she says fuck me more put
your hand inside me, I did not put hand inside her
but now my wife wants to get fucked by someone
with a bigger penis."

To help to support Dr. Anurita Kapur’s cause “Zero Tolerance for Rape” to get justice and to give her your valuable
suggestions, you can
e-mail her at:  zerotolerance4rape@livingstonmedicalgroups.com OR dranuritakapur@yahoo.com  
OR contact her by calling her Nationwide from the U.S. and Canada at (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9111 Zero Tolerance 4 Rape
OR call us anywhere from the world to our International Telephone number 001-917-633-4853 Extension 9111 Zero Tolerance 4 Rape.
You can also regular mail us at our Lock Box: Zero Tolerance 4 Rape, P.O. Box #243, Teaneck, New Jersey, 07666, U.S.A.

Also, please help Dr. Anurita Kapur’s rape cause by circulating this article to other people and posting it on all social medias,
national and international newspapers, national and international TV Channels, national and international magazines and
journals and everywhere else that you may deem appropriate to help to get justice for Anurita.  Kindly, keep us posted via
e-mail and let us know of the names of those medias that you have posted or published this article to.  
Thank you for your support for this cause.
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Pictures of the Victim Dr. Anurita Kapur and the Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari at many public events
and meetings together.
We have retained hundreds of pictures and videos to prove that he is lying to everyone.
Translation in English:  Manoj Tiwari types:  "You foolish white monkey."
Translated in In English: Another chat user: rahulfckr
writes: "Mine is 9 inch long and 5 inch fat".
Translated in English:  Another Chat User XXX:
Writes a Reply to Manoj:  "Where are you Manoj
reply fast."
Translated in English:  Another Chat User Yogi_M:
Writes a Reply to Manoj:  "Hello Manoj you really
want your wife to get fucked?"
If you are unable to watch the the copy and past the link below into the browser:
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Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari is making sexist & racist comments about raped women: "Australian women are so
cheap that you don't need to rape them just offer them money and they will please you. (see below):
Note: Details of this Press Release (1) are posted right
above to read in its entirety.

Publishing of all Dr. Anurita Kapur's rape Press Releases 1 thru 5 (listed above), which divulged Shocking Truth and Information were an
eye-opener to all the concerned and humanitarian people all around the World.  As a result, of this world-wide support, Anurita received hundreds
of concerned responses for Anurita's well-being and angry responses towards the Rapist - they are being published below.  For the safety and
security of each of these individuals, we will keep their names confidential and publish only the contents of their letters/messages.  
Anurita, Thanks each individual from the bottom of her heart, who took the time to read about her ordeal and sent messages of concerns and are
supporting her.
(For Authenticity of each of the support messages and letters of concern sent to Anurita from people worldwide, we have retained the original
sources of each message for our records.)
NOTE: Rapes in India: Delhi's rape figures are far higher than other Indian cities of comparable size, correspondents say.
According to official statistics, 572+ rapes were reported in Delhi last year. Police say they have registered 635 rape cases this year.
Indian Consulate on Republic Day January 26, 2012
Dr. Najma Heptulla, BJP: Indian Cabinet Minister for Minority Affairs, former Indian Presidential Candidate, Mrs. Annu Tandon, Member of Parliament & Indian Congress Politician,
Dr. Anurita Kapur & Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari
ANZAC DAY Event Ambassadors, Armies & Governments of many countries at the rooftop of the Rockefellar
Center, New York
Ghazal Event performed by Ajmer Sharif Qawaals at the United Nations hosted by the Permanent Mission of India
Nowruz Event at the United Nations hosted and attended by many countries heads and Permanent Mission of India
Celebration of Republic Day of India January 26, 2013 at the Indian Consulate in New York
Diwali Celebration of the United Nations Indian Spice
Club at the Dag Hammarskjold Building across from the
UN in NY
Celebration of Republic Day of India January 26, 2013 at the Indian Consulate in New York
Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari celebrated Anurita's Birthday on February 5, 2013
                                                                          PUBLISHED ON OCTOBER, 2014

India has become a land of rapes. There are rapes of women of all ages including 5 year old girls then some are even hung on trees by their rapists.  It is a sad reality.  
We have to do something about it.  So far, due to the Indian Government’s reluctance in not giving me justice by not taking any action against the Rapist
Colonel/Brigadier Manoj Tiwari and other culprits at the Permanent Mission of India, Indian Consulate and others, since, I, Dr. Anurita Kapur am a victim of physical
trauma, emotional trauma, mental trauma, spiritual trauma, disrespect, name slander, character defamation and death threats by the hands of the Rapist and some other
Indian Government Officials for no fault of mine, now for my safety and my child's safety, I had no other choice but to recently escalate my rape matter to the International
high-level and I have outreached and contacted governments of each and every country of the world which includes 193+ countries, their missions and embassies in
New York City, Washington, D.C., Geneva, Switzerland and Vienna, European Union Committees (EU) and U. N. High Commissioner & Committees of Human Rights
Council.  I have requested each Country and Committee to come forward to support me and my cause and to urge India to take actions against the Rapist and other
culprits who insulted me, defamed me in an effort to support and cover-up for the Rapist and hide his crimes.

Please join hands with me and all the other International Countries to become a strong voice to be heard by URGING INDIA TO TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS

him out of the office and strip him of all benefits for life.  In order for this trial to be fair so there are no cover-ups for the Rapist anymore, I am asking for this trial to be
organized by the Indian Prime-Minister Narendra Modi by being next to me through the entire trial and for this trial to take place in an open worldwide forum to be viewed
internationally in every language.  This way there will be no chance of unfairness nor anymore prejudice against me.

transfer of Mukerji for failure to take action, ignoring my cries for justice and for defaming me to cover up since I reported the Rapist.  Throw him out of the office.

(3)        TAKE ACTION AGAINST CONSUL GENERAL OF INDIA IN NEW YORK, DNYANESHWAR MULAY for disrespecting me, insulting me and throwing
me out of the Indian Consulate for no fault of mine only to bully and harass me since I reported the Rapist.  Throw him out of the office.

failure to take action & ignoring my cries for justice after receiving my rape complaint letter and insulting me on the Women’s Day 2014 Event as I tried to follow-up with
her about my rape complaint.  All in retaliation since I reported the Rapist. Throw her out of the office.  
(Note: Lakshmi Puri is the wife of the former Ambassador Hardeep
Puri who the Rapist worked for and according to the Rapist they were all very known to each other.  They also saw me with the Rapist on many occasions.)

To make a fool of Anurita and convince her of his love for her with promises, Sex Predator and Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari used his Permanent Mission
of India Cell Phone to send hundreds of Text Messages to the Victim Dr. Anurita Kapur.  Please see just a few of those text messages printed below.  
To Authenticate hundreds of these texts messages from him, we have retained these texts in their original true form as evidence.   
Additionally, we have retained cell phone bills for over a year.
 (All Translations from Hindi to English are written below or next to each word in Blue color Ink.)

PMI Cell Phone Text Contents from Manoj Tiwari to Anurita:
Text Messages of the Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari from his PMI Cell Phone sent to the
Victim Dr. Anurita Kapur from 2012 to 2013.
(To Authenticate, we have retained hundreds of Text Messages to prove that he is lying to everyone.)

(54) Anu, I will sing, hotho se choo lo tum, hum tumhe chahte hain aise, suraj ki
garmi se, aa ja sanam madhur chandni mein hum tum, etc etc . Hume tum se pyaar
kitna Msg: a ye hum nahin jaante magar jee nahin sakte tumhare bina... Maine pucha
chand se ke dekha hai kahin mere yaar sa haseen chand ne kaha chandni ki kasam
nahin, aankhen hain ke maikadon ki rani...  I love you my jaanam
(my darling). Thank
you for loving me in your own special way!! Manoj

(55) My Anu, mana ho tum behad hasin aise bure hum bhi nahin..... lv u Manoj
TRANSLATION: My Anu, I agree that you are beautiful but I am not that bad either.

(56) Love you my jaan (my life).. I want to be with you my Anu.  Ik sirf tumhin mai ko
ankhon se pilatey ho kehne ko to duniya mein maikhaney hazaron hain.
TRANSLATION: Only you & only you serve liquor with your eyes; To say it, in the
world there are thousands of bars.

(57) My dearest sweetheart Anu, I am besotted by you, could not sleep properly was
thinking of our marriage union. I am working on being together forever. I have found
my true love in you my jaan. My heart beats for you n only you. I love you till eternity
my subkuch
(my everything) lv u mads<3<3 Yours forever Kissies manoj

(58) Anu, I love everything about you my jaan
(my life), have a wonderful day you too,
feeling you around me . Lu hamesha
(love you always) Manoj

(59) Anu, I am yours forever
my jaan jo karenge Saath karenge.. Manoj
TRANSLATION:  Anu, I am your forever my life whatever we do we will do together.

(60) Anu, my jaan is qurbaan (my life is sacrificed) on you..you are real magic .. Manoj

(61) Anu, I love you my sbkuch
(my everything) missing u madly. Manoj

(62) Goooodd mmmooorrrnnninnngg my jaan se pyaari
(more important than my life)
Anu, I am fida
(obsessed) on you my jaan is qurbaan (my life is sacrificed for you) on
you..you are real magic..you are so heavenly my jaanam
(darling)..you are my dream
woman I thank god for getting us together..call me up whn you can my love

(63) My jaan e bahara
(beloved) I kept thinking about your magic self. Send me a msg
whn you r up my sbkuch. Muuuuaaaah n huuuuggggiiieees:*. Manoj

(64) Msg:
Dil jaan jigar sab tujhpar qurbaan meri jaan...if ever you find someone who
loves you more..than me then u r free to shut your door...that is my commitment and I
will always stand by it my
jaane jaan (more precious than my life). Love you zillions.
Yaad aa rahi hai ..teri yaad aa rahi hai..I am dreaming about you my jaan I am feeling
your fragrance and feeling your warmth n love wrapping me around..
TRANSLATION:  My heart, life and everything else is sacrificed for you my life.

(65) I was sincerely hoping for a msg from your side...atleast for the sake of the pure
love I feel for you...never mind I guess u feel I am not worth it...Gnite jaana I love you
and miss u all the time. Enjoy urself and be safe. Will try to talk to you again
tommorrow.but I certainly don't deserve this treatment

(66) My dearest Anu , at least grant me the courtesy of talking me Your silence hurts
me no end. This is just not fair or reasonable. I am very pained by this attitude. Call
me or msg me for god's sake. When you love someone u need to understand each
other and not treat with utter disregard. Very sad and deeply hurt, Manoj

(67) Please bba
(baby) please don't do this. Pyar manga hai tumhin se na inkar karo...
lv u Manoj  
TRANSLATION:  I have asked for love only from you don't say no.

(68) Good morning my dearest Anu. Hope u r feeling better and less stressed. Do let
me know when to call.I love you n always will. Lv n hugs,  Manoj

(69) You fascinate me my jaan
(my life) I am your greatest fan my dreamgirl..is

(70) My dearest darling my heartbeat Goood mooooorningg. I am feeling
Intoxicated with your sweet fragrance. Not a moment passes whn I don't think of you

(71) Meri jaan Anu, Karvaten badalte rahe sari raat hum, aap ki kasam. Gham na karo
din judaayi ke bahut hain kum, yaad tum aate rahe ek huk si uthti rahi neend mujhse,
neend se main bhagta chhupta raha aur raat bhar bairan nigorhi chandni chubhti
rahi aag si jalti rahi girti rahi shabnam aap ki kasam. Jheel si aankhon mein aashiq
dubke kho jayega zulf ke saaye mein dil armaan bhara so jayega tum chale jao nahi
to kuchh na kuchh ho jayega.. dagmaga jayenge aise hal mein kadam. Door hon to
paas humko tum bula lena sanam kuch gila ho to gale humko laga lena sanam par
toot na jaaye kabhi yeh pyar ki kasam... aap ki kasam. With lots lv n sincerity manoj

(72) Meri Anu, Pyar ko chahiye kya ek nazar, der se tu mere armano ke aaine mein,
band palken liye baithi hai mere seeney mein, ae meri jaane hayaa, dekh idhar.  Ishk
mangey hai dua ek nazar.. khun e dil se barhe rukhsar ki laali teri, meri aahon se
palak aur ho kaali teri, meri haalat pe na ja, aur sanwar aur sanwar aur sanwar.. mera
ishk maange hai dua teri ek nazar.  Bekararon ki dava ek nazar.. chaen dekar jo
bechain bana deti ho.. Ho to shabnam si magar… Aag laga deti ho jab milo to shor
uthe hai re dil hai jigar. Dardmando ki sada ek nazar.. Shikwa baaki na rahe door gila
ho jaye.. Iss tarah dekh ke diwane ka bhala ho jaaye… Mere paas aaja, der na kar.
muaaaah muaaaah Sirf tumhara manoj

(73) Anu Great song for you. baras gayi re taras gayi tere daras ko najariya. O uppar
waaley hum neechey walon ki kab tu lega khabariya. :D Bairi jagat rastey mein parha
hai rokey hamri dagariya...

(73)  My love my baby, koi dhoondne bhi aaye to humein na dhoond paaye..tu mujhe
kahin chhupa de main tujhe kahin chhupa doon... tere gesuon mein chhup kar main
jahan ke ghum bhula doon. teri zulf phir savaroon teri maang phir saja doon. Tujhe
devi banaa kar meri chahton ne poojaa...mera pyar keh raha hai main tujhe khuda
banaa doon.  mere dil mein aaj kya hai tu kahe to main bataa doon. Every breath
repeats Anu Anu Anu....infinitely.. u are so pure my jaana. lv n kisses Manoj

(74) I lv u my jaan
(my life). Msg if you feel better bba. I love u. Manoj

(75) Hi bba tried to reach you, thought I would feel better... Never mind I miss u all the
time and lv u unimaginably,Hv a wonderful evening..keep me with you Muuuuaaah
muuuaaah my darling o am so lucky to have you. Will call ltr my jaana
(my beloved).
Lu mads. Manoj

(76) You are my life bba :D  Anu, my bba
(baby) I love u. Thank u for being in my life.

(77) My dearest Anu I get madly intoxicated by you….

(78) My Anu, mere dil mein aaj kya hai tu kahe to main bata doon teri zulf phir
savaroon teri maang phir saja doon. Meri jaan tons of lv. Manoj

(79) My Anu, your sweetness is like nectar. I was dreaming about you all night. You
are like satin. i lv u immensely. Manoj

(80) My love Anu, you are a complete n ideal woman who is mentioned in our
shastras as the 4 types of females you are truly all women in one. your touch, feel,
beauty, femininity, shyness makes me crazy about you. your innocence is so
magnetic i cant sleep eat breathe without you. Your lips, eyes, shapes everything
about you is perfect. Yours forever Manoj

(80) My love Anu, you are the Kohinoor Diamond. You deserve a big rock of pink
diamond on your finger on our engagement. lv n kisses Manoj

(81) Meri pyari Anu, teri bahon mein hai jaanam mere jism jaan pighaltey. lv n hugs
TRANSLATION: My dear Anu, my body & life melt in your arms.

(82)  My jaan e bahara I kept thinking about your magic your satin self and your car
keys all the time. Hope you located them my jaan. Send me a msg whn you r
up my sbkuch. Muuuuaaaah n huuuuggggiiieees:* Manoj

(83) Anu, Jab main tumhara naam apne cell par dekhta hoon to mujhe bahut shanti
milti hai.  When u dont answer my calls I get very scared, mere dil mein ek dhakaa
lagta hai and I miss a heart beat. lv u Manu

(84) Anu jaanu meri jaan main to tere qurbaan main tera tu meri jaane sara
Hindustan.  tons of kisses. Manoj

(85) Mehboob mere tu hai to duniya kitni haseen hai.  Tu hai to barh jaati hai keemat
mausam ki yeh jo teri aankhen hain shola shabnam si mujhko jeena bhi yahin hai aur
bas mujhey marna bhi yahin hai. Mehboob meri Anu. Muaaah muaaah Manu.

(86) My bba Anu, Tu kahe to tere hi kadam ke main nishanon pe chaloon rukoon tere
isharon pe. Manoj

(86) My jaan Anu, I wonder about us such a lethal combination. You are trained to
save lives & I am trained to kill. Being with you seeing the world through your eyes is
making a change in me. lv n hugs Manoj

(87) Anu tumhare liye ek poem likhi hai. Jeevan se bhari teri aankhen majboor kare
jeene ke liye saagar bhi taraste rehte hain tere roop ka ras peene ke liye.. Tasveer
banaye kya koi kya koi likhe tujhpe kavita. Rango chhando mein samayegi kis tarah
se itnee sundarta ek dhardkan hain tu dil ke liye ek jaan hain tu jeene ke liye...
Madhuban ki sugandh hain saanson mein baahon mein kamal ki komalta. Kirnon ka
tej hai chehre pe hirnon ki hai tujh mein chanchalta... Aanchal ka tere hai taar bahut
koi chak jigar seene ke liye... Hope you like it. lv n hugs Manoj

(88) Meri Anu, Ab tere dil mein hum aa gaye tere hi dil mein rahenge teri puja karenge.
Kasam ki kasam hum tere hain hum baat meri maan jhootey nahin hum. Manoj

(89) A perfect saying for my Anu since you forget people's names.  It goes like this  
Sabki saaki par nazar ho, yeh zaroori hai, Magar sab pe saaki ki nazar ho, yeh
zaroori to nahin. You are my baby my saaki. Hope you understood this or I can
explain to you when I meet you today.  Lv u  Manoj

(90) My love Anu, I will wear my white uniform at our wedding. I agree and am ok with
you wearing the Indian Flag saree as a bride it would be ideal. I will decorate you and
put sindoor with my blood.  Tons of love Manoj

(91) My Anu, sajaoonga lut kar bhi tere badan ki daali ko lahoo jigar ka doonga
haseen labon ki laali ko, hai wafa kya iss jahan ko ek din dikhaoonga main diwana.
Chura liya hai tumne mere dil ko bas nazar nahin churana sanam, badal ke meri tum
zindagani kahin badal na jaana sanam. muaaaah muaaaah Manoj

(92) Meri Anu, jo tum ko ho pasand wohi baat karenge, tum din ko agar raat kaho raat
kahenge.... lv Manu

(93) Meri Anu, Gum hai tumhare pyar mein dil subah shaam.  Socha hai main tumse
mil ke keh daloon apne sab haal dil ke… aur kar doon jeevan tumhare hawale phir
chorh do chahe apna bana lo… main to tumhara re hua diwana ab to jaisa bhi mera
ho anjaam. Lv u so much manoj

(94)  Anu, Mera bas jo chale to... subah se lekar rahun sham tak main tere sung
mein…Gar ho sakey to main apne dil par tera naam likh doon har ek rang mein. Lv u
forever Manoj

(95) Chhup gaye saare nazare kya baat ho gayi tuney kaajal lagaya din mein raat ho
gayi... lv n hugs Manoj

(95) My jaanam Anu, Soon soon kasam se lagoon tere kadam raha jaaye na humse tu
gale lag ja. Lv n kisses Manoj

(96) Meri Anu apke liye likhi hai bahut appropriately. Husn-e-jaana tumhari tarif
mumkin nahi afreen afreen jo bhi dekhe agar to kahe hamnashin afreen afreen.
Tumsa dekhaa nahi khubsurat koi. Tera jism jaise hai Ajanta Ellora ki murat koi,
nigahon pe jaadu koi, naghma koi, khushbu koi, mehakti hui chandni, khilta hua ek
chaman, suraj ki pehli kiran, tarasha hua dilkash aur dilnashin, sandalin aur
marmarin. Tera chehra ek phool ki terha shadaab hai, chehra tumhara hai ya koi
mehtaab hai, kali aur kanval, ek pal yakin aur gumaan ke aisa chehra kahin bhi
nahin. Teri ankhen dekhin to main dekhta reh gaya ke jaam dono aur donon hi do
atisha. Ankhen ya maikade ke do baab hain, ankhen nichi hui to haya ban gayi,
oonchi hui to dua ban gayi, uth kar jhukin to adaa ban gayi, inmein hai asmaan aur
zamin nargisi aur surmayi. Tumhari zulfon ki mere dil par hain perchaiyan, jaise
umrhi hui ho ghata aur balaa. Gar tumhari zulf uljhen to duniya pareshan ho aur
suljhen to yeh geet asaan ho. Agar tumhari zulf bhikhren to siyah raat chhaney lagey
aur lehraye to raat gaane lagey, yeh zanjir hain phir bhi kitni hasin reshmi aur
ambarin. lv n kisses Manoj

(96) Bahon mein chale aao… humse sanam kya parda yeh aaj ka nahin milan yeh
sung hain umar bhar ka. Kabhi kabhi kuch to kaho piya humse.. ke kam se kam aaj
to khulke milo zara humse hai raat apni, jo tum ho apni kisi ka phir humhe dar kya.
Bas meri bahon men chale aao meri jaan Anu. Lv u Manoj

(97) My love Anu,  Hum tumhe chahte hain aise marne wala koi zindagi chaahta ho
jaise. Rooth jao agar tum to kya ho, pal me aise lage jism se jaan jaise juda ho.
Zindagi bin tumhare adhuri, tumko paalu agar har kami meri ho jaaye puri. Le
chalenge tumhe hum wahan par, tanhai sanam shehnai ban jaaye jahan par...  tons
of lv Manoj

(98) Bhool gaya sab kuch yaad nahin ab kuch ek yehi baat na bhooli Anu I love you.
Aisa laga badan chhu ke tera koi chingari chhuli. You are so electrifying my baby.
Yours always Manoj

(99) Anu, if anyone asks me to give them one name of a true blend of eastern n
western culture, without hesitation I will give your name my love. yours Manoj

(99) Meri Jaanu Anu, Tera hone laga hoon, khone laga hoon jab se mila hoon. waise
to mun mera, pehli bhi raaton mein aksar hi chahat ke haan sapne sanjonta tha pehle
bhi dhadkan ye, dhun koi gaati thi par ab jo hota hai woh, pehle na hota tha.
Aankhon se chhu loon ke bahein tarasti hain dil ne pukara hai haan, ab to chale aao..
aao ke shabnam ki boonde barasti hain mausam ishara hai haan, ab to chale aao.
Bahon mein dalein, baahein.. baahon ka jaise haar hua haan mana maine mana bas
ho gaya mujhe pyaar. Ooohhhh my baby I love u. Apka ashiq manoj

(100) Mere prano se pyari Anu, words cannot describe what you are to me..
chanchal, shital, nirmal, komal, sangeet ki devi svar sajni. Sundarta ki har pratima se,
barh kar hai tu sundar sajni. Kehte hain jahaan na ravi pahunche, kehte hai vahaan
par kavi pahunche par tere rang aur roop ki chhaaya tak na ravi pahunche na kavi
pahunche main chhune lagoon tu urh jaaye pariyon se tere par sajni. Tere rasvanti
hothon ka mai, geet koi ban jaunga.. sargam ke phulon se tere sapno ki sej sajaunga
doli me baith ke ayegi jab tu sajan ke ghar sajni... Lv you tumhara Manoj

(101) Anu bas tum mujhe jaldi se apne dil mein thori si jagah de do main tumhara
bahut abhaari rahoonga. lv u so much. Manoj

(101 My dearest life Anu, Jis gali mein tera ghar na ho balma uss gali se hamein to
guzaranaa nahin… jo dagar tere dvaare se jaati na ho us dagar pe hamen paanv
rakhnaa nahin… jis chaman mein tere pag me kaante chubhe uss chaman se hamen
phul chunanaa nahin… AA ye rasmen ye kasme sabhi torh ke tu chali aa chunar
pyaar ki orh ke yaa chalaa jaaugaa mai ye jag chhorh ke… jis jagah yaad teri sataane
lage uss jagah ek pal bhi thaharnaa nahin. Only yours manoj

(102) My love Anu, Aapki mehki hui zulf ko kehte hain ghata apki madbhari aanhon
ko kanwal kehte hain.. ek hum hi nahin sab dekhne wale tumko sang-e-marmar pe
likhi shokh ghazal kehte hain. Meri taqdeer ke tumne mujhe apna samjha isko
sadiyon ki tammanaon ke phal kehte hain. Tons of lv n hugs Manoj

(103) Meri Anu, aake teri bahon mein har shaam lage sinduri mere mann ko mehkaye
tere mann ki kasturi.. Mehki hawayen urhta aanchal lat ghugharale kale baadal..
Prem sudha naino se barse pi lene ko jivan tarse.. Bahon me kas lene de prit ke
chumban dene de.. inn adharon se chhalak na jaye yauvan ras anguri.. Sundarta ka
behta sagar mere liye hain rup ke badal.. Indradhanush ke rang churaun teri suni
maang sajaaun... aaja milke aaj mita de thodi si ye doori…  Bahut prem se likha hai
aapke liye yours only Manoj

(104) Meri bholi si Anu, you are so heavenly my jaan. Hava ke saath ghata ke sang
mujhe leke saath chal tu yun hi din raat chal tu. le haathon mein haath chal tu.. ek to
ye mausam hai barha suhana uspey apna dil bhi hai divana. Naagin banke is rut ko
dasne de mujhko apni aankho me basne de tu banke kajal. Apni reshmi zulfen
lehrane de mujhko apni bahon mein aane de. Tons of lv n kisses Manoj

(104) Meri Anu, Tumse nazar mili beech bazaar mein dil gaya lut nazron ki takrar
mein murh murh ke main dekhun tujhe jaise ke main khud pe machal gaya. Kissa
ajeeb tha pehli mulakat ka aalam ghazab hua mere dil de haal ka ke ik pal mujhe aisa
laga jaise meri dharkan ruk gayi. lv u Manoj

(105) My Jaane jaan Anu dhoondta phir raha hoon tumhe raat din main yahan se
wahan… Raaste mein kahin reh gaye humnashin tum kahan.. Mujhko awaaz do
chhup gaye ho sanam tum kahan.. Dil machalne laga yoon hi dhalne laga rang bhara
pyar ka yeh sama... Haath aise mein bas chhorkar chal diye tum kahan.  Paas ho tum
kharhe mere dil mein chhupe aur mujhe kuch pata na chala.. dil mein dekha nahin
dekha saara jahaan tum kahan. Lots of hugs Manoj

(105) Meri jaan anu, Jis roz se dekha hai tujhko hum shamaa jalana bhool gaye.. dil
thaam ke aise baithe hain kahin aana jaana bhool gaye... bas aath peher inn ankhon
mein tera chanchal mukhra rehta hai.  Barsaat bhi aa kar chali gayi badal bhi garaj
kar baras gaye.. par teri ek nazar ko hum.. ae husn ke malik taras gaye.  Kab pyaas
bujhegi aankhon ki din raat yeh dukhra rehta hai... Sirf apka manoj

(106) Meri Jaan Anu, I love you n only you. There is not an iota of lie in this. My love
please trust me I want to be with you forever n ever. Tumhen apna bananey ki kasam
khai hai teri ankhon mein chahat hi nazar aayi hai.. zamane ko tere aage jhuka
doonga.  Teri ulfat meri jaana vo rang layi hai.. tere honton se main shabnam
churaunga tere aanchal tale jeevan bitaoonga...Meri nas nas mein tu banke lahoo
samayi hai.. Teri bahon mein hain dono jahan mere main kuch bhi to nahin dilbar
bina tere tujhe pa ke zamane ki khushi paayi hai... yours n only yours manoj

(107) Meri Anu, Aaja meri bahon mein aa pyar bhari aanhon mein aa sun le machalte
hue dil ki sadaa re… Dil keh raha hai mera.. saath hai yeh tera mera ab zindagi mein
kabhi hon na juda re.. hon na juda. Sharmana chorh de tu ghabrana chorh de tu aaj
to bujha de mere dil ki lagi… hum to hain jeevan saathi main hoon diya tu hai baati…
pyar mein yun jalne ka hai naam zindagi. Lv n hugs manoj

(108) My love Anu, Doori na rahe koi aaj itne kareeb aao… Main tumein sama jaun
tum mujh mein sama jao.. Sanson ki hararat se tanhaai pighal jaaye..jalte hue
honthon ka armaan nikal jaye..Chaahat ki ghata ban kar yun mujh pe baras jao.  Yeh
baat to na thi ab se pehle kabhi jeene mein..Dil ban ke dharhakti ho tumhi mere
seene mein.. Kabhi saath na chorhogi tum meri kasam khaao. Sirf tumhara hi Manoj

(109) My Anu, Neend churake raaton mein tumne baaton baaton mein dekho kaise
baat badal di hai. Raat beeti saari, zaalima mein haara tum kya jaano, ang ang mera
phoonk gayi chingaari … Aag laga di hai barsaaton mein tumne baaton hi baaton
mein. Lv n hugs manoj

(109) Meri Anu, ankhon ankhon mein baat honey do mujhko apni bahon mein soney
do shaadi ho jaayegi pehle mithey sapnon mein khoney do.  Kab tak intazaari
dil ko zara dil mein samoney do. Dil mein aag lagi hai dil ki aag bujhegi moti pehley
nath mein pironey do. lv u soooo much manoj

(110) Dear Anu you lived in Lucknow and you know I grew up in Lucknow I went to
Christian College like your dad did and my sister Vijaya studied at IT College like
your mom.  This is all such a coincidence.  Phir to aap hamari hui my true love. I cant
wait to take you to India with me. lv manoj

(111) Anu, You are always accepted in my life. Lifelong contract no liabilities. Just
keep smiling. Lv n kisses, Manoj

(112)  Anu, I made 8 missed calls to you. Going into voice mail over n over again. Am
going up to PMI now call me soonest. I am hurting really bad. Manoj

(113) My dear Anu, thoughts of you n my longing for you render me so powerless.  
when  I am with you all my defenses are down. This feeling is so strong.. can you feel
it baby? Am still in PRs Office matter serious here typing message for Delhi. Likely to
take 20 min more. Ab thorha sarkar ki seva bhi kar loon. See you at Millenium after
6... lv u muaah muaaaah manoj

(114) My Jaan Anu, you are a fiery blazing flame n the only super sexiest hottest
babe in the whole world. You are so pure. Look what you do to me... apke liye paagal
hoon meri swarg ki apsara..apko dekh kar to Kaam Devta bhi pareshan hain aur pura
Kaam Shastra apke liye hi likha hai. l long for you always n will love you forever n
ever. I want to marry you n make you mine now. tons of lv n kisses yours Manoj

(114)  Meri Anu, ga rahe hain tere sang tere sajna. Sajni mazaa tab hai jine mein
saans ho meri tere seene mein.  Tumpar hi marte hain aur jitey hain... arey chhu ke
tera ang tere sajna.  Apna bhi haal tere jaisa hai kya kare hum bhi mausam aisa hai...
paagal se phirte hain... arey le ke tera dhang tere sajna... yours manoj

(114) My Anu for you, Tauba tumhaare yeh nazarey hum to diwaney hain tumharey
raaz yeh kaise khol rahi ho tum aankhon se bol rahi ho jaadu aate hain tumko
saare... Chhoo leti ho taar jo dil ke tum hi batao tum se mil ke jaanu dil koi kyun naa
haarey. Jism damakta jaadu zulf ghaneri khushbu saansein tumhari mehki tum ho
jaise chaman... hosh urha dein yeh nazaarey.... Yours forever manoj

(115) My Anu, Tu mile dil khile aur jeene ko kya chaahiye.. Na ho tu udaas tere paas
paas main rahunga zindagi bhar saare sansar ka pyar maine tujhi mein paya.  
Chanda tujhe dekhne ko nikla karta hai… Aaina bhi deedar ko tarsa karta hai. Itni
hasin koi nahin.. husn dono jahan ka ek tujhme simat ke aaya. Pyar kabhi marta
nahin hum tum martey hain… hotey hain woh log Amar pyar jo karte hain. Jitni adaa
utni vafaa.. ik nazar pyar se dekh lo phir se zinda kar do. I will love you forever n
ever. yours Tiger  
(Note: Tiger is Manoj Tiwari's Army nick name.)

(116) Meri Jaan Anu, Jabse tumko dekha jeetey hain martey hain… Jaanam aao apna
nazaara dekho dil mein hamaare… tum ho wahan bhi yahan bhi ye kaisi jaadugari…
Aaj to mujhpe na jaane kaisi hai ye bekhudi.. pagal hua diwana hua kaisi ye dil ki lagi..
LOVE u manoj

(117)  Goooooddd mmmooooorrrnnnning my jaane bahar Anu. Feeling nice after
spending the night with you in my thoughts and dreams. You r truly heavenly and
enchanting my dilruba, was admiring the moon from my window... Khuda bhi.... Mere
Mehboob ko kisne banaya sochta hoga... looking forward to holding you in my arms
and hugging you.  lv Manoj

(118)  Goooood moooorrrrnnnninnnggg my jaane jaaana your touch your feel and
thoughts did not let me sleep... you are pure magic my jaan... U r my life my bba don't
hold back from me... really missing you madly my love... just cannot focus on
anything else...hope u reached back safely and felt good. Do it for my sake bba... tell
me you love me too my jaan... my mind will be at peace.  I love you forever n ever...
love hugggggieeeesss n mmmuuuuaaahhh Manoj

(119) Anu, What and how do you feel about me jaana...do you feel as deeply and as
crazily about me as I do... These questions keep coming to me my jaana. Tell me
your true and un-restrained feelings my heartbeat...call me when you can.  I love you
unimaginably my Anu.  Huggieees n mmmuuuaaahhh, manoj

(120) I love you jaan se zyaada my jaan Anu. I am sorry if I in advertently upset you:(.
Marta hoon tumpar... Manoj

(121) Dear Anu, wishing you a wonderful n loving New Year. Togetherness n love for
both of us my darling. Lv u Anu. Will talk later when I see you. Manoj

(122) Wish u a very very happy birthday my dearest Anu. May god give u a happy
healthy and cheerful life. Wish u all the happiness in the world and may you live
forever n ever. With all my love n best wishes. As ever, Manoj

(123) Anu when i first saw you - you actually went from my eyes right into my heart. I
lose control my baby mera to dil bahar nikal nikal ke aata hai tumko dekh kar. tons of
lv manoj

(124) Anu trying to reach you desperately my jaan everytime you don't pick up my
heart misses a beat.. Lv u immensely my jaan. Manoj
PLEASE SEE ONLY SOME PRINTED BELOW.  All these printed below and other e-mails were sent from the official e-mail accounts of the
Permanent Mission of India and some others from his personal e-mail I.D.
(To Authenticate these and all other e-mails, we have saved them in their original and true format for evidence.)
Emails from Permanent Mission of India Email ID’s:  
Tiger Tiwari
Subject:  Relationships
My Dearest Anu,
The past 24 Hours have been extremely stressful and distracting for me. It was a
major decision for me to get into a relationship as this one, as it was for you. I
expect understanding, patience and a deep sense of loyalty and commitment and
this drives me to a point, where a breakdown in communication on an issue
distresses me no end. It pains me immensely to see how easily you ignore me and
treat me with such disdain, I can't even dream of this kind of behaviour even with
the worst of my enemies!  I know this is maybe your way of introspecting, but it
should not be at the cost of someone's genuine feeling and pure, unalduterated
emotions of love and longing for you.  Words cannot describe how miserable and
unsettling this whole thing is becoming for me, but I do not get any negative
thoughts about you, I never will. Just understand my feelings and please
communicate with me soon, I feel strangulated....
warmest, as ever,
Col Manoj Tiwari
Millitary Advisor
Permanent Mission Of India,
New York, NY  10017
Emails from Permanent Mission of India Email ID’s:  
Tiger Tiwari
Subject:  Attention Please
Dearest Anu,
Do’s and Don’ts:
1. Keep smiling
2. Be Happy.
3. Learn to relax
4. Unwind often
5. Love your work
6. Do what you feel like
7. Understand and tolerate me
8. Love me as I am
9. Be mature
10. Be patient

1.Doubt me/ my integrity
2. Distrust me
3. Disrespect me
4. Imagine what is not
5. doubt my intention
6. doubt my character
7. stop loving me.

DONT WORRY BE HAPPY - Most Important!!
Love n Hugs, Manoj
Col Manoj Tiwari, Military Advisor, Permanent Mission of India, New York, NY 10017
                                                                         PUBLISHED ON SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

I, Dr. Anurita Kapur, want to share some information to give awareness to the Indian-American Community in the U.S. so that they are not used like I have been by some
Indian Diplomats including, Consul General of India, Dnyaneshwar Mulay.  
Please read some facts below:

I would have never brought these things to public knowledge but I was so hurt and disappointed by the behavior of Consul General Mulay when he had no regard for a
woman and asked me to leave the Consulate Building to insult me while in the past he had used me.  That is why I want to share this information about Mulay with
everyone and want to make sure I can warn everyone before you too are being used by him.

To set the record straight and show you how these people use others and when the times comes, not only do they not even acknowledge the help you gave but how
they disregard people after using them.  I, Dr. Anurita Kapur, want to share with everyone some truthful facts about Consul General of India Dnyaneshwar Mulay.  
To Authenticate these statements, we have retained in our records all of Consul General Mulay’s, his family and others people he referred, their: E-mails, text messages,
voice-mails and other conversations.

Last year, I was approached by the Consul General of India - Dnyaneshwar Mulay to help him and his family and guide him with the U.S. System and medical education
guidance. I want to share with everyone step by step what all happened.  Out of the goodness of my heart, I agreed to help him without expecting anything in return.  I
never even asked nor charged him nor his family any consultation fees nor took any favors from him for myself.

(1)        Mulay asked me to help a young Indian couple doctor related to him, I was told that they were from Maldives or Mali where he was posted before.  He told me that
they are in Mali and are looking to move to the U.S. and do Medical Residency Training and if I can be of any assistance in that matter.  Being a medical doctor and owner
of a medical company, I agreed to help and guide them as a goodwill gesture for Mulay.   He had these doctors send to me their resumes.  I took time out of my valuable
and busy schedule and reviewed their resumes and gave them a lot of help and contacted numerous of my high level contacts to get them help to come to the U.S.   
Based on their USMLE Scores, I gave them very valuable suggestions of other things they can pursue due to one of the doctor having pretty low scores.  I went out of
my way to provide them help and spent a lot of my valuable time doing so.

(a)        Mulay was very grateful and thankful to me that I was helping his family.  I, graciously accepted his gratefulness and continued to work very hard to help these so
called his family children.

(b)        Mulay informed me that this doctor couple will be arriving to the U.S. soon and to help him by providing them with accommodation with me.  So I told him I did not
have anything available at my family’s real estate properties in NY and NJ as they are all rented but if one is available later, I will inform him and would even let them stay
there for free.  So Mulay kept this couple at the Indian Consulate building at his residence above, all  their expenses paid for by the Indian Government while this couple
was not the employees of the Government of India
(in actuality its not the Indian Government's money (since there should be an accountability) these expenses are all
paid for by the Indian Tax-Payers).
The couple lived there for a long time.  Later, after their arrival Mulay arranged a meetings with them and me at his residence upstairs
at the CGI on a week night to meet them in person.  At this time, I took time out of my very, very busy schedule on a week night and met the couple and gave them highly
valuable insight and knowledge on how I can help them.  I gave them way over 4 hours in my first time in consultation alone without expecting any fee nor any other
compensation only because I was doing a favor for Mulay and felt sorry for this young couple as they seemed very lost and I like helping people from my heart.  Anyway,
I gave them very true and honest advice and told them I will do my best to help them but I do not have a magic wand to get them into a residency program since there is a
legal protocol and guidelines to follow.  I gave them several alternative plans and explained methods and answered many, many queries they had about the U.S. System
and other medical education related matters.  In total, I had spent hours and hours of my valuable time helping them without asking for any compensation neither did I
expect any compensation for my time.

(c)        Later, from time to time I met the couple at several Consulate Events and checked up on their status and advised them of what all I have done for them. They also
kept in touch with me via e-mails and phone, I was advising them by e-mails with detailed answers to their queries to alleviate their anxiety during their medical residency
search process.  They wanted to know many of my high-level contacts and sensitive information about my partners but I explained to them that due to my contractual
obligations with those organizations there are confidentiality issues, I cannot divulge highly sensitive information to them about my business and contacts.  This couple
told me that they were advised by some Indian people in New York (this couple gave me names of those corrupt Indian people in the Tri-State area) to pay money to the
hospitals to bribe them in the form of donations to get into a residency program.  I, immediately, advised Mulay’s family children that it is illegal to do that since that could
be considered unethical to do.  They kept insisting that I help them to pursue that route so I got very annoyed at them and told them if they wish do so they can do so on
their own and I cannot be part of their illegal schemes & scams.  I was highly disappointed with this type of a thinking and I was very stern with this couple and told them
not to follow such illegal advices given to them by people who have no morals.  It seemed to me they were adamant in taking that route.  I made myself clear to them that
I do not help anyone nor will help them with any illegal works and told them that they are one their own.

(2)        Another incident was when Mulay contacted me again last year, asking me for another favor.  This time he said that his nephews (his wife her name is
Sadhna Shanker who is an Officer at the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) in Delhi, her sister’s sons) in Mumbai are wanting to do a business project in India and
they need $5,000,000 (Five Million U.S. Dollars) to launch this business.  He asked me to help him to do fundraisings for $5,000,000 and told me to use the Consulate’s
Ballroom as a platform for these fundraisers events at my expense for food, etc...  Mulay also told me that the Consulate’s Ballroom is at my disposal to use anytime and I
can organize events for him in any way that I may deem appropriate.  I found it a bit strange but I agreed to help him and told him I will see how much time I can devote to
these fundraisers, as I am a very busy lady with a very hectic schedule.  Also, I requested him to send me his nephews' business concept and a power point
presentation so that I can review it first and then strategize a plan for the fundraisers so we can implement it.  

So, Mulay forwarded to me his wife’s nephews e-mails that stated with exact words such as,
“Hello Mausa ji, we got your pictures, it was great to have seen
you and Mausi ji at the NY NASDAQ ringing the bell.  We are very proud of you that you made it to the United States in New York.  Now I want you
to help us too - to launch our business project and find some rich doctors and other ones of those rich types that have a lot of money and can
donate some to us so that we can launch our business project in India.  We are looking for USD $5,000,000.00  Once you find these rich people you
can let me know and I can fly to New York to meet them to collect the money.”
 There was more but for now, I will only mention this much.

(a)        I read this entire email in its entirety and looked at the business project which did not seem quite viable to me.  But since I was requested by Mulay to help him and
his nephews, I sent it to a lot of my high level business contacts and had several phone conferences and meetings about it which was very time consuming.  But the end
result was that my contacts were not able to make any sense out of the project and agreed with me and told me it was not a viable project and they would not be
interested to invest nor get involved in doing fundraisings for a flop business project.  I did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings so I did not tell them that nor to Mulay.  But
due to my busy schedule, I could not devote the time needed to do fundraisings events for this project.  I sent an e-mail to his nephews reflecting that and told them that
if I have any interested party in the future, I will inform them.

(3)        Mulay approached me on some social issues that I do not want to discuss now but if needed to, I can and will make that public too in case there is a need to do so.

The only reason I have brought this information to public knowledge is for everyone to see how Mulay used me and when prompted by Permanent Mission of India (PMI)
to disregard me and stop inviting me to the Indian Events – he became anti-me.  Mulay listened to the PMI and forgot about all the good things I did for him.  What would
you call this type of a behavior?  You be the judge.  Are these type of people like Mulay coming to the U.S. to promote India to help India OR to promote themselves and
their families and friends.  One does not know who to trust and who not to anymore.  Like me, if you are being manipulated and fooled by these people you better think
twice before these people use to too at your own expense and throw you off like an old shoe.  
Remember they are nothing special but we the people make them feel
special by giving them respect.  They are only public servants whose salaries, benefits & families are taken care of by us the Indian Tax Payers monies.  So do not be
scared to report such people who are taking advantage of their position & power given to them by us the people.
To make your comments or suggestions, you can e-mail me at: comments-consulgeneralindiany@livingstonmedicalgroups.com OR
Phone in U.S.: (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9112  OR Worldwide: (917) 633-4853 Ext. 9112   
Regular Mail Lockbox: No 2 Slander & Defamation    OR  
Comments - Consul General India New York, P.O. BOX # 243, Teaneck, New Jersey  07666
(1)  Heads off Keep it up! You are brave and seems to be a genuine person.
My experience with such senior officers is that, if you try anything against them
they are protected by their seniors and colleagues. You have to fight really hard
to bring this predator to book. I am sure he will use the tactic to malign your
image, don't be afraid.  Thank u for speaking up against injustice.

(2)  Dr. Anurita Kapur is nice girl. This is really bad news. Another Indian
diplomat did terrible thing and then ran away to Delhi and now this diplomat did
worse than that. What is going on with them. Anurita you should register a case
before he runs away.

(3)  Shame on you tiwari

(4)  If happens in New York should register the case with nyp us govt will punish
under New York State law

(5)  dear Dr Anurita Kapur, I feel ashamed as an army officer and as an indian
having read your story about rapist col manoj tiwari.I request you to write to
national commission for women and also to news channel Times Now. That is
only way to expose this officer. He should face court martial. Col AKB

(6)  Hello !!! My Dear Ms. Anurita-ji, It is India's Good Morning wish from (---------)
from Mumbai. I read the News Item of you being victimised by an ARMY
PERSONNEL AT UN FROM INDIA, by false promises and (as expressed by you
and as appearing in a News Item) finally RAPED you A i.e. GREAT
humanity, by adding sadetive in Tea etc.and finally left for the country. All my
heartiest sympathy for such unfortunate event through forced RAPE BY
CHEATING. Hopefully I wish and pray you get justice in right form and
punishment to culprit. BEST OF LUCK.

(7)  very sorry to hear about the incident and if you really have the proof you
should aproach TImes Now.

(8)  Mitrta Divas ki hardik bdhai..Dr. Anurita ji aap bharat ka name bulendio pr
phuchao....jy bharat

(9) these rapist men have reached there as well...something is wrong with us -
punish him.

(10) Expressing solidarity & regret about the whole affair which'd be avoided if it
was not secluded for Achhe Din Aane Wale Hain.

(11) very strange..to what level people can go for sex..? Tiwari is a mad person.

(12) I, 100% believe in your version of story. be prepared & safe. bring this guy to
the books  step by step. Do not panic. Continue hammering. hope all is-
favorable to you. If I am of any help to you, I would be more than happy to assist

(13)  Castrate the rapist.  

(14)  Tiwari should be thrown in jail and be punished for rape.

(15)  Hang the rapist so others will stop.

(16)  Anurita you are very brave, punish Tiwari and book him.

(17)  Tiwari is an animal he should rot in hell.

(18)  What is going wrong with India why these men opt to rape?

(19)  i think only castration of these kind of people gonna solve this problem......
not imprisonment or hanging...they should remember for whole life what they
have done.... get Tiwari

(20)  Sack Manoj Tiwary and arrest him for rape.

(21)  Man, I think you did the right thing by showing him in public on youtube. I
think he should rot in jail.

(22)  Anurita, we are very very proud of you and your courage to speak up. A
woman like you is a HERO in our eyes. Bravo! We all stand up for you and will
support you till the end.

(23)  Anurita, Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising each time we
fall. my support for you till the end.

(24)  You should go the press ie Indian express.

(25)   I am so sorry this happened to you.

(26)  Good luck my sister have a safe trip.

(27)  people are very rude at consulate i have the same kind of experince. Report
them and take action.

(28) Dear Dr. Sahiba, Very sorry to know about your pain you are very innocent
lady. We will support you till the end. God bless you.

(29)  Anu, u know what, you are rarest woman in this world that's why poeple are
envious and trying to back stab on u n let you down...So be cautious and prove
to those who had let u down..

(30)  I'm with you.. You have the right for justice.. My prayers are always with

(31)   We are really proud of you Beta Anu, you will take India's name really high.   
God bless you. From New Delhi, India.

(32) That must be too much for you Anu.  Its so sad.

(33)  We whole heartedly support you and will be there for you. You can count on
us. (Neuro-physiology Group)

(34) Hope Dr. Anurita gets justice. All the best Madam.
(35)  Hello Dr Anurita,
How are you, I am (-----------) from Houston Texas, Closely watching your ordeal. I
am Indian national, still have my nationality Professional In engineering field. I am
sorry about you have been thru so much. I feel for that.
Just to let you know I am dealing with These so called Indian Diplomats who are
living under politicians shadow and think They can do and getaway with anything.
They have their own rules for Example: Renewal passport Indian national requires
the proof of legal residency, Where as Indian constitution does not reflect that, and
constitution right are compromised for Indians. In third world countries, there is no
requirement similar to that I've seen. I lived in many countries.
The Devyani Khobragade ( Or whatever her name was) case who was a Schedule
caste and under reserved quota she took benefit her whole life, corrupt officer, got
caught I have seen her father's interview. He never spoke about the benefits he
was getting for all these years where as more qualified people are there and she
got the job in the Government? She was caught red handed on visa fraud, but she
made immunity ordeal and later threw the dirt on the guy who was doing his job
(Preet Bharara) why?  because she had contacts in Indian politics. IF someone
else, an ordinary person or Company would have done this they would have faced
serious consequences, but she got away with voluntary departure. which does not
disbarred her or have any consequences to US immigration Law. Prosecution at
later stage will only be possible if the District Attorney wants to reopen the case,
Who knows the DAThe honest man will be on the same post when she returns

I have just read your posting, The best way to tackle your problem and punish the
culprit is to attack them with their own weapon. Write to Prime Minister of India, and
ask for justice, file a case in US concurrently as an American citizen and transfer to
India so Delhi Consulate can handle the case.
In worse case scanerio , File a case against him in Delhi Supreme court. Lets see
about the outcome.  I think in your case, Neither the Indian Media who are managed
from US will be any help because they are Ass kissers ( Sorry about my Language,
I don't have better words) to Indian consulates, because the more they show the
integration and involvement with the diplomats or Embassy staff, more they sell
their business.

(36)  This was a voice-mail left at our official phones: Dr. Anurita ji, my idea is that
when PM Modi comes to the U.S. this issue should be shared to him and he
supports you and I hope that Modi takes action against this. sorry to read about
your pain.

(37)  Anurita ji, you knew who Col. Manoj Tiwari was. You knew that he is part of the
Indian Government who are behind the scenes they run the Government of India,
he was also senior part of RAW the intelligence agency.  He is responsible for the
security of India, the Prime Minister and President of India.  The Indian Government
will not take any action against him since he knows their secrets and they know
his.  Don't think it will be easy for you to get justice from them.  I will send you more
information on this.  yeh admi apko bevakuf bana gaya. Sorry to know about your
agony. take care of yourself.

(38)  If true this animal needs to have every privilege of his life stripped away from
him and needs to rot in jail for a long period of time.

(39)  "The officer had apparently assured the complainant of marriage. She has
alleged he raped her inside the mission in New York after giving her some sedative
since she was opposed to any intimacy before marriage. If the charges are found
true, disciplinary action will be taken against the officer," said an official.  The
woman, who has saved evidence like text messages, letters and emails to her from
the officer, has stated that he broke all contact with her once he returned to India.
She has also written to the Prime Minister, defence minister, Army chief and others.

(40)  Why does India send so many criminals over to the Indian missions in the US?
Before it was a slave holder and now its a rapist lol

(41)  Rape is getting pandemic proportion in India.

(42)  Question comes to mind, Is Modi prepared to tackle this issue as a priority?

(43)  Modi jee will make sure the issue is addressed, but will go through the right
channels to make sure India's dignity remains in tact.

(44)  If Rape is mentioned in the west invariably India is mentioned.
This is the reality of our beloved nations and up to the governments to work hard
to change the stereo typing the west have labelled our nation. May sound harsh
but its incidents like this that bring it to the forefront.

(45)  Modi jee has proved his doubters wrong before, and he will prove them wrong
again. Justice should be given to Dr. Anurita.

(46)  I just want the tax money we pay the government to be used for public interest
, instead of making the politicians richer ...
Again , I am an admirer of our Prime ministers achievement in Gujarat ...I hope he
makes our nation shine even more and help you to get justice.

(47)  Are people forgetting something? The animal was a senior army officer. He is
representing his nations flag. Shame on him.

(48)  An Indian army officer has been accused of a horrific crime. That's simply an
abuse of his position.

(49)  Mam is there anyways I can help u ...thn contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX on
watsapp also ...we r fighting against in anti corruption in India ...for such bullshits
yak officer who hails the trust of an innocent people of the society. .they should be
castrated in the society and hanged till death ...
I hv very much respect for you dnt worry mam I ll humatilise tht bastard u dont
worry ..I ll do as much efforts as possibly can ..

(50) Dear Dr. Anurita ji, thanks for the response.my pleasure and duty towards not
only alone u but entire womanhood but still particularly about u because a great
personality serving and standing for noble cause of serving ailings, has been
cheated so. please update me as and when time permits and I will share & support
the forced situation on you. best of luck, proud of you, compliments and specially
wish u very very happy friendship day you are my great personality that is you
madam ms. anurita kapur have a great day ahead and always, as great as you are-
a wish from my heart. God bless.

To help support Dr. Anurita Kapur’s cause “Zero Tolerance for Rape” to get justice and to give her your valuable suggestions, you can
e-mail her at
zerotolerance4rape@livingstonmedicalgroups.com OR dranuritakapur@yahoo.com  
OR contact her by calling her Nationwide from the U.S. and Canada at (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9111 Zero Tolerance 4 Rape
OR call us anywhere from the world to our International Telephone number 001-917-633-4853 Extension 9111 Zero Tolerance for Rape.
You can also regular mail us at our Lock Box: Zero Tolerance 4 Rape, P.O. Box #243, Teaneck, New Jersey, 07666, U.S.A.

Also, please help my rape cause by circulating this article to other people and posting it on all social medias, national and international
newspapers, national and international TV Channels, national and international magazines and journals and everywhere else that you may
deem appropriate to get justice for Anurita.  Kindly, keep us posted via e-mail and let us know of the names of those medias that you have
posted or published this article to.  Thank you for your support on this cause.  
More messages and letters will be posted here soon.  Thank you for your patience.
current pic
Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia, husband Colonel Baljit Singh, daughter Meher
Ahluwalia-Singh & son Sargun Singh living in Bangalore, India
Preeti Ahluwalia
current picture
Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari's, wife: Dipika Mishra-Tiwari, daughters: Malvika Tiwari
& Devyani Tiwari their nicknames are: Molly & Debby.  Living in Mhow, India now.  
This Rapist's family's pictures was sent to us by a person whose name will be kept
confidential.Shame on Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari for shaming INDIA.
Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia Baljit Singh is a 12 year old victim of rape by
Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.
Rapist Colonel/Brigadier Manoj Tiwari & his father,
Retired Brigadier Krishan Kant Tiwari lives in Lucknow, India.  This
picture was shared by Manoj to Anurita while he was in New York.
                                                                                                      PUBLISHED ON DECEMBER 6, 2014

On August 7, 2014, Indian Army and other officials announced that they are starting a Court of Inquiry against Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari for the rape complaints filed
by me.  But despite of such announcements to the Indian Media including on NDTV, it is with great regret & disappointment that I, Dr. Anurita Kapur, have to come out
again to you seeking help and to expose more facts about my rape matter.  I have been denied justice for over a year while the Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari is still
currently well situated at his Army Position, in fact this coward is harboring & hiding under the wings of protection of his Senior bosses, colleagues and family members
who are all part of the Indian Government.  Instead of taking action against him, he has been promoted to a Brigadier Rank by the Indian Army despite my complaints to
the Indian Government.  I am once again forced to come out in public and tell everyone the truth and expose some people in the Indian Government offices once again.
(1)  It has recently come to my attention by some reliable sources and informers that some people in the Indian Government Offices in the U.S.
and in India including the Indian Army is lying to the people and to the international governments that my Rape Case has been settled.
 After, I
escalated my rape matter to the high-level International Governments around the world, they seem to have contacted the Indian Authorities on the status of my Rape
case, but the Indian Government Officers very cleverly started spreading false statements that my rape matter is settled.  They are falsely spreading these lies to
everyone in an effort to diffuse tension, to stop any investigations, prevent people from supporting my cause and to deny justice to me.  What will you call this
behavior?  YOU BE the JUDGE.  

After my rape complaints, the Rapist was never questioned neither was I made a party to any questions and answers sessions so that I could have shed light to the
Rapist’s crimes and lies and help the rapist to be caught red handed.  
(2)  Also, it is further being falsely spread by the Indian Government Officials that I
have taken my Rape Complaint back.
 I want to tell the world the truth that I have not taken my complaints back and still stand strong seeking justice and asking for
Actions to be taken against the Rapist and the other culprits who have tried to cover-up for the Rapist's crimes and denied me justice for so long.

By the Indian Government's actions, it seems that there is no law and order and no justice being served to me by the Indian Officials in Authority: They seem to be acting
as the Attorney, the Judge and the Jury and have decided on their own to acquit the Rapist since he is their colleague and they are all covering up for this Rapist’s
crimes.  This is a crime in itself to cover for and hide a heinous crime of rape.  These people are not ordinary people they are people of high positions in the Indian
Government – what type of a message are they giving to the world by tainting India’s image?  By whose authority are they making such false statements?  Who is
actually behind this?  Where are their higher-ups?  Are their bosses and higher-ups also part of their schemes, scams & LIES?  What will happen to the integrity of India
if such people are in power and control?  Do these people have any conscience or not?  Do these people really not have a heart for hurting me further as I am a rape
victim and a fellow human-being?  I have yet again contacted the high-level international governments of the world to inform them and keep them in the loop of all the
wrong-doings and false statements made by the Indian Government to deny me justice to further victimize me.  This Rapist Manoj Tiwari has no conscience, to cover-up
for the rape, he even stooped so low as to getting engaged to me at a Hindu Temple in New York by Hindu rites.  He even put sindoor and his own blood in my hair as
sign of marriage, with false promises of a legal marriage later. (To prove it, I have retained a video of our engagement at the Hindu Temple in Flushings, New York.).”

I am very upset at this laid back attitude and spreading of lies by the Indian Government on my rape matter.  I will not stop here until I am given justice.  I will expose them
and share with the world more truth about the Indian Army, the Indian Government Officials and others about their wrongful and underhanded wheeling and dealings
within the Indian System and their wrongful-deeds they committed against other International countries, this information was shared with me by Rapist Manoj Tiwari
voluntarily without my asking him anything (For Authenticity, I have retained many tape recordings of such information which was voluntarily shared with me by Rapist
Manoj Tiwari.).  For now, I will hold back that information until it is absolutely needed to be exposed to the world to show them the true colors of the Indian Government.  
All I want is justice for myself and to save and prevent women from falling into traps and becoming future victims of rape and false promises of
marriage only to get raped and later, if they complaint they do not suffer by the hands of the Indian Government Officials, like I did.

Since, I am a victim, I am citing my painful experiences to you and the damage Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari did to me, not only did he rape me:  (1) physically, but (2) he
raped my honor and my dignity, (3) he raped me emotionally, (4) he raped my trust, (5) he raped my hopes and dreams by misleading me by acting single while he was
married, falsely leading me on, raping me and making false promises of marriage to clean me and even getting engaged to me at a Hindu Temple, (6) he raped me
mentally and sentimentally, (7) he raped me spiritually, (8) he raped me morally, (9) he scarred me for life and (10) he raped my good name and character by spreading
false slanders and false character defamation publicly to save himself, and, (11) he made death threats to me.  (12) I, also, fear, genuine fears that what if this Rapist had
STD’s Sexually transmitted Diseases or HIV?  

AND, as a victim of violent rape, I have suffered traumas by the hands of the Rapist and the Indian Government: (1)  physical, (2) emotional, (3) mental, (4) spiritual, (5)
moral, (6) name slander, (7) character defamation, (8) false promises of marriage, (9) engagement at Hindu Temple.  And, then Permanent Mission of India in New York,
Indian Consulate in New York, former Indian Government Officials in India traumatized me in the form of: (10) prejudice, (11) harassment, (12) disrespect,
(13) discrimination, (14) my character defamation and (15) my good name slander and they (16) slapped me even harder for going to them and making the rape
complaint.  (17) They have all contributed to scarring me for life due to rape and their injustices.

India has become a land of rapes and has lying and ineffective Government Officials since they are all busy covering up for the Rapist’s crimes instead of taking actions
against criminals.  Seems like they all work on covering for each other’s crimes, shoving things under the rug and each one knows each other’s weaknesses so no one
takes any action against anyone.  This sound pretty scary and not a very civil behavior.

Seeing the Indian Government Officials corrupt attitude by not taking any actions against the rapist and other culprits so far, and lying to all that my rape matter is
settled, I do not trust them anymore.  Once again, I have been forced by Indian Government Officials who are denying me justice, to escalate my rape matter to the
International level and I have outreached to all the International Countries worldwide and the 192+ Missions to the United Nations in New York City, Washington, D.C.,
Geneva and Vienna and European Union Committees (EU) and U. N. High Commissioner & Committees of Human Rights Council to support my cause to get justice.  I
have informed all of them by giving truthful details of the new developments in my rape matter and Indian Government's lies and injustices towards me.  Also,
importantly for the safety my child’s and my life.

Please join hands with me and all the other International Countries to become a strong voice to be heard by URGING INDIA TO TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS

him out of the office and strip him of all benefits for life.  In order for this trial to be fair so there are no cover-ups for the Rapist anymore, I am asking for this trial to be
organized by the Indian Prime-Minister Narendra Modi by being next to me through the entire trial and for this trial to take place in an open worldwide forum to be
viewed internationally in every language.  This way there will be no chance of unfairness nor anymore prejudice against me.

transfer of Mukerji for failure to take action, ignoring my cries for justice and for defaming me to cover up since I reported the Rapist.  Throw him out of the office.

 For not taking any action against my rape complaint and decided to hush-up the matter and shoved it under the rug.  He quickly got transferred after
getting my complaint within weeks and is now serving as an Ambassador in Belgium.  I was told by the Rapist that it was Manjeev Puri who told him to keep things quiet
and to be discreet when he is with me since people are watching them and he reminded the Rapist that "Manoj you know how Agencies work - they will get this and
much more on you and you will not be able to leave the U.S. until everything is settled."  Manjeev also witnessed and saw me with the Rapist on multiple occasions.  
(Manjeev Singh Puri is the cousin of Amb. Hardeep Singh Puri, who the Rapist was directly working for at PMI.)  Throw him out of the office.

me out of the Indian Consulate since I was attending an Event there which I was invited to.  This took place for no fault of mine only to bully and harass me since I
reported the Rapist.  Throw him out of the office.

failure to take action & ignoring my cries for justice after receiving my rape complaint letter and insulting me on the Women’s Day Event last year as I tried to follow-up
with her about my rape complaint.  All in retaliation since I reported the Rapist. Throw her out of the office.  
(Lakshmi Puri is the wife of the former Ambassador Hardeep
Singh Puri who the Rapist worked for and according to the Rapist they were all very known to each other.  They also saw me with the Rapist on many occasions.)

These five actions above will be a start to:   (1) help me to get justice & punish Rapist so he can’t hurt any other woman.  (2) Will be a lesson to officers in authority to not
to cover for rapists nor slander innocent women victims like me; (3) Will be a lesson to all such officers that are serving India & prevent them from misusing their power
and government facilities to womanize, it will prevent rape and hurting women.  (4) Will be a lesson to all High Officials who ignore the cries of raped victims & possibly
prevent future rapes.
To help support Dr. Anurita Kapur’s cause “Zero Tolerance for Rape” to get justice and to give her your valuable suggestions, you can
e-mail her at
zerotolerance4rape@livingstonmedicalgroups.com OR dranuritakapur@yahoo.com  
OR contact her by calling her Nationwide from the U.S. and Canada at (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9111 Zero Tolerance 4 Rape
OR call us anywhere from the world to our International Telephone number 001-917-633-4853 Extension 9111 Zero Tolerance for Rape.
You can also regular mail us at our Lock Box: Zero Tolerance 4 Rape, P.O. Box #243, Teaneck, New Jersey, 07666, U.S.A.

Also, please help my rape cause by circulating this article to other people and posting it on all social medias, national and international
newspapers, national and international TV Channels, national and international magazines and journals and everywhere else that you may
deem appropriate to get justice for Anurita.  Kindly, keep us posted via e-mail and let us know of the names of those medias that you have
posted or published this article to.  Thank you for your support on this cause.  
I, thank you in advance for your time in reading this Press Release and providing me support by getting involved in voicing out my cause to
protect all the women around the world.  For Complete Details on my rape matter & see the list of over 140 national & international
please visit the homepage of: WWW.LMG4YOU.COM  

FACTS: These pictures were taken much later after the rape.  He told me that he was single and alone.  Now due to him getting
engaged to me with false promises of marriage & making hard efforts to prove his fake love for me, I did start to care for him and fell
into his trap.  The Rapist tried to cover-up the rape matter and proposed marriage to me.  He falsely lead me on and yet again, I got
hurt emotionally after I tolerated the physical trauma of the rape.  He sold me lies by promising me the world and the moon but
instead of delivering anything, like a coward he ran away to India and hid his face there and this was the last I heard from him.  He
fooled me on multiple occasions that he will be there for me only to cover up the rape he committed on me.  Now God knows how
many other innocent women have suffered rape by him and then to cover-up he falsely promised engagement and marriage to them
too, like he fooled me.

PLEASE NOTE:  All these and many other pictures of us were taken by the Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari and then shared with me
and he told me to keep them as our good memories which we will look at after we are married.  What a con-artist & a scammer?
Anurita celebrated Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari's Birthday at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, New York on October 1, 2012.  Anurita presented Manoj with
high end expensive gifts and she fully paid for this celebration at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel (All expenses receipts have been retained for our records.)
At German Military Attache, Colonel Karl Heinz's Home in Eastchester, New York.
India Day Parade August, 2012 in New York City.
Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia raped
victim's son Sargun Ahluwalia
Baljit Singh 15 years old
Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia the raped victim's
daughter Meher Alhuwalia Baljit Singh
17 years old
Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia Baljit Singh, some of her younger pictures she said when she got raped by
Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.
Sex Predator & Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari's daughter Malvika Tiwari 18 years old
Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari's wife
Dipika Mishra-Tiwari
Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari and Amb. Hardeep Singh Pur
at Permanent Mission of India on Indian Republic Day on
January 26, 2013
Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari and Dr. Anurita Kapur at Permanent Mission
of India on Indian Republic Day on January 26, 2013
Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari and victim Dr. Anurita Kapur
on Indian Republic Day on January 26, 2013 Party at the
UN Indian SPICE Club at the Dag Hammakzold Building
Rape Victim Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia's,
husband Colonel Baljit Singh
lives in Bangalore, India
At the Rockefellar Center, Manhattan, New York
Water Club Boathouse, 23rd Street, Manhattan, New York
Mr. Randhir Jaiswal, Head of Chancery of
Permanent Mission of India, Rapist Colonel
Manoj Tiwari & Anurita at the PMI Office
Asoke Kumar Mukerji, Manjeev Singh Puri, Dr. Anurita Kapur,
Randhir Jaiswal & Rapist Manoj Tiwari, Ms. Pratibha Parkar & other
PMI Staff Members
Played Holi with PMI Staff at the Holi Event Celebration in March, 2013, the Permanent Mission of India Staff at PMI in New York.
Rapist Manoj Tiwari celebrating our Anniversary, 2013
at Nino's Positano Restaurant, NYC
With Anup Jalota ji at his Concert at the Indian Consulate, NYC

(1) Meri jaan se pyari Anu, Khuda bhi asmaan se jab zameen par dekhta hoga mere
mehboob ko kisne banaya sochta hoga. Lv u hamesha Manoj
TRANSLATION: My Anu, more important than my life, even when God looks down
from heaven on Earth, he must be wondering who has created you my lover.

(2) I am not just saying it I rly mean it.

(3)  Anu my jaane jaan I know all ur favorite songs I will sing them for you. lv u Manoj

(4) Humein apse mohabbat ho gayi hai really Anu not joking It’s a soldier’s word.
TRANSLATION: I have fallen in love with you Anu not joking it's a soldier's word.

(5) My love Anu, teri pyari pyari soorat ko kisi ki nazar na lagey. Lv u mads Manoj
TRANSLATION: My love Anu, may no one ever put an evil eye on your beautiful face.
Love you mads, Manoj

(6) Marta hoon tumpar. lv u Manoj TRANSLATION: I die for you.  love you Manoj

(7) Will you marry me my darling Anu? Manoj

(8) Anu I want to marry you today let the world go to hell. Manoj

(9) Yes Anu, our marriage will be official, real and anything else you want. lv manoj

(10) “No Anu not kidding.. It is a soldier's word.. n feelings..trust me you will be able
to feel it..just let it grow..no hurry,;;). Just be happy<3<3..no other expectations. Manoj

(11)“My nick name as a child was Manu, it encompasses Anu.”

(12) “You are a gem Anu. Just be yourself in whatever you do.
Tum pe hum qurbaan!!:
. Love always. Manu  TRANSLATION:  I sacrifice myself for you.

(13)”I think I am falling in love<3. :D

(14) Never mind my
dilruba:D. Hum intezar karenge...it is my problem not yours if I
love u so much. I will wait for ur answer.  
TRANSLATION:  robber of my heart, I will

(15) Main jhoot nahin bolta. Aapse mohabbat ho gayi hain humko. Kasam se.<3
TRANSLATION:  I never speak lies. I have fallen in love with you. I swear.

(16) I am in love with you and I want to be with you as much as I can. Come back
safely today my love Drive carefully. Looking forward to seeing you soonest. Lv n
rgds, Manoj

(17) My dearest Anu, I only know how much I miss you all the time. Wish I could take
you along today! Really wanted to see you in a saree!! I am sure you look dazzling as
ever. I love you and completely..that is what I will always do. Keep me in your
thoughts.  lv u truly n urs manoj

(18) My dearest heart Anu. Hope all well, there has been no response to my calls or
messages.. I missed you terribly yesterday it was a nice experience, wish I could
have taken you with me my jaan
(life). I lv u immensely Anu don't ever be upset with
me. Do let me know if u r coming this side.today or tommorrow. Please text me your
well being atleast my jaanam
(darling). Lv n hugs forever Manoj

(19) My dearest Anu, I am really worried wjhat is the matter?. Will try again
tommorrow. Good night. Sleep soundly

(20) My dearest Anu, what is the matter? Why are you doing this to me?  Pl talk to me.

(21) My dearest Anu. I hope you are feelng well. I apologise for any in advertent hurt
that I may have caused you. I love you and that is the truth.  Busy with Defence
delegation this week, do let me know when you feel like speaking to me. Hv a
wonderful day. Love n hugs, manoj

(22) Msg: My dearest darling Anu, Good morning! Hope you are feeling good, I love
you Anu and love you all my life it is such a heavenly feeling my jaan
(life).  Hv a
wonderful day and be with me! Luv , hugs n kisses, too. Tell me if you plan to come

(23) Msg: Thank you my jaanam
(darling). I love you. Have a wonderful day

(24) Msg: My dearest jaan
(life) Anu, Could not stop thinking about you whole night.
You are into each cell of my body n soul. I lv u immensely.looking forward to seeing

(25) Msg: I love you my dearest, till death do us part<3

(26) Anu, I am yours now forever, please accept me my jaan
(life) Manoj

(27) Anu, I lv u more than you my dilruba
(robber of my heart), my janasheen (my
my mehbooba (my lover)!! Manoj

(28) My dearest darling Anu, Good morning! Hope you are feeling good, I was
massaging you and pampering you in my dreams all night!! It was such a heavenly
feeling my jaan. I love you Anu and want to hug you and love you all my life. Hv a
wonderful day and be with me! Luv , hgs n kisses, too. Tell me if you plan to come
here to hug me!!:D

(29) Saiyan hamar akhiyon se goli marey. lv & hugs Manoj
TRANSLATION: My beloved shoots bullets through her eyes. Love & hugs Manoj

(30) Meri Anu, Main to teri yaad mein, sab ko bhula doon duniya ko teri tasveer bana
doon mera bas chaley to dil cheer ke dikha doon daurh raha hain saath lahoo ke,
pyaar tera nas nas mein na kuch mere bas mein. Dil kya kare jab kisi se kisi ko pyar
ho jaaye oonchi oonchi diwaron si iss duniya ki rasmein par na kuch mere bas mein
Anu. Muaaah Muaaah MuaaahTumhara Manoj

(31) Ankhon mein humne apke sapne sajaye hain. Palken utha ke apne jaadu jagaye
hain. Bas aap hi mujhme samaye hain. Ankhon ka rang dhoondha hai heere tarash
kar dil mein sajayenge yeh rang unhi umar bhar - mushkil se zindagi ke rang haath
aye hain....... lv u my jaana.

(32) I will ask the world, Ke kya galat hai jo main deewana hua sach kehna mere
mehboob ko tumne bhi agar dekha hai. Anu main to tumhara deewana hoon my
sbkuch. Hugs n kissies muaaaah. Manu

(33) Bas ab to tere bina jiya jaaye na.. bin tere... tere bin sajna saans mein saans aaye
na jab bhi khayalon mein tu aaye mere badan se khushboo aaye mehke badan mein
raha jaaye na meri Anu. Call me soon lots of lv Manoj

(34) My Jaan, Urayen hosh tauba teri aakhen sharabi zamaney mein hui hai inhi se
har kharaabi. I want to see you today please come. Manu

(34) My Anu, Tum jo mil gaye ho to yeh lagta hai ke jahaan mil gaya. Baitho na door
humse dekho khafa na ho kismat se mil gaye ho milke juda na ho.  Meri kya khata hai
hota hai yeh bhi ke zameen se bhi kabhi asmaan mil gaya. Tum kya jaano tum kya ho
ek surila naghma ho bheegi raaton mein masti tapte din mein saaya ho. Ab jo aa gaye
ho jaane na doonga mujhe ek hasin meherbaan mil gaya. Tha ajnabi zamana apna
koi na tha ab dil ko mil gaya hai tera sahara ek nahi zindagi ka nishaan mil gaya. I am  
addicted to you sirf apka manoj

(35)  Meri Anu, Hamari to tamanna hai tumhein pyar karna humein aur karna kya.
Mohabbat mein ruswa huey bhi to kya hai iss duniya se darna kya. Aagey koi ilzaam
nahin hai chahat ke ilzaam ke baad. Yeh aalam hai jaise urha ja raha hai tumhein leke
bahon mein aur tumharey labon se hamarey labon tak nahin koi raahon mein.  Kaise
main ab iss dil ko sambhaloon. Manu

(36)  My love Anu, Humne bahut tujhko chhupke dekha.. Dil pe khichi hai tere kaajal ki
rekha.. Kaajal ki rekha bani laxman ki rekha… Ram mein kyun tune ravan ko dekha…
Kharhey khirhki pe jogi swikar kar le jhuta hi sahi… Heere se jarhey tere nain barhey..
jis din se larhey tere dar pe parhey sun sun kar teri nahi nahi Jaan apni nikal jaye naa
kahin. Zara haan keh de meri jaan keh de. Jab raen parhey nahi chaen parhe nahi
chaen parhe jab raen parhe.. Mana tu saare hasino se hasin hain. Apni bhi surat buri
to nahi hai. Kabhi tu bhi humara deedar kar le. Sirf tumhara Manoj

(37) Meri Anu, Koi maaney ya na maaney jo kal tak they anjaney wo aaj humein jaan
se bhi pyare ho gaye... ab to humko ek hi sapna pura karna hai janam janam ka pyar
tumhari maang mein bharna hai.  Aankhon mein dorey, gaalon pe laali, hothon pe
phool khiley hain, jitna bhi dekhen dil nahin bharta tum humen khoob miley.  Yeh
kaali zulfen yeh gori baahein.. itney saarey jeeney ke saharey ho gaye. Sirf tumhara

(38) Meri Anu, Pyar mein dil pe maar de goli le le meri jaan. Abhi roothey tu abhi
maaney tu tauba ye kya hai nazara teri adaaon ne humen hai maara... Tere jaisa
haseen tere jaisa jawaan koi hai mehboob kahan...  Tere bina main mere bina tu thi
zindagi yeh adhoori.  Jaan e jaan jeene ke liye tha apna milna zaroori. Muaaaah
muaaaaah Manoj

(39)  Meri Anu, Har taraf ab yehi afsaane hain hum teri aankhon ke diwane hain itni
sachchayi hai inn aankhon mein, khote sikke bhi khare ho jayen tu kabhi pyar se
dekhe jo udhar, sukhe jangal bhi hare ho jaayen baag ban jaayen jo virane hain.
Tumhara aur sirf tumhara Manoj

(40) My love Anu, Door reh kar na karo baat kareeb aa jaao. Yaad reh jaayegi yeh raat
kareeb aa jaao... Ek muddat se tamanna thi tumhein chhooney ki aaj bas nahin
jazbaat kareeb aa jaao.  Sard jhokon se bhadakte hain badan mein sholay jaan le legi
yeh raat kareeb aa jaao.... lv n hugs Tumhara Manoj

(41) Anu, mere hosh le lo diwana bana do koi baat cherho nishaana bana do. Na
yoon sharm se tum nigahen jhukao mujhe zindagi do ya mujhe maar dalo mujhe bas
iss nazar ka nishana bana lo. Main taiyaar hoon mit jaane ko. Tumhara Manoj

(42) Priye Anu, Humein tumse pyaar kitna yeh to hum nahi jaante, magar jee nahi
sakte tumhare bina... Din bhi yahaan to lagte hain baras ke samaan... Tumhein koi aur
dekhe to jalta hai dil badi mushkilon se phir sambhalta hai dil kya kya jatan karte hain
tumhe kya pata yeh dil beqaraar kitna yeh hum nahi jaante magar jee nahi sakte
tumhare bina... Manoj

(43) Meri Haseen Anu, Maine puchha chand se ke dekha hai kahin mere yaar sa
haseen…chand ne kaha chandni ki kasam nahin.. Maine yeh hee jaab tera dhundha,
har jagah shabab tera dhundha.. Kaliyon se misaal teri puchhi, phulon ne jawab tera
dhundha… Maine puchha baag se, falak ho ya zameen, aisa phul hai kahin baag ne
kaha har kali ki kasam nahi. Chaal hai ke mauj ki rawani, zulf hai ke raat ki kahani..
Honth hain ke ainey kanwal ke, aankh hai ke mahkadon ki rani… Maine puchha jaam
se, falak ho ya zamin, aisi mai bhi hai kahin… Jaam ne kaha mehkashi ki kasam
nahin… Khubsoorti jo tune paayi, lut gayi khuda ki bas khudayi… Mir ke gazal
kahoon tujhe main, ya kahoon khaiyaam ki rubayi… Main jo puchhun shayaron se,
aisa dil nashin koyi sher hai kahin… Shaayar kahen shaayari ki kasam nahin. Yours n
only yours manoj

(44) Anu, Dil jigar nazar kya hai, main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon o meri jaane jaan tu
hai mera jahaan. Maine tujhko chaha iss mein meri khata kya, dil ne tujhko apna
maana iss ki saza kya. O mere humkadam chalenge saath hum. Sun masti mein
doobe yeh mere tarane dil hai tera deewana lekin tu na jaane, o mere hum nashin
karle mera yakin. Main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon. lv Manoj

(45) Meri Anu, Tere Chehre se nazar nahin hat ti nazare hum kya dekhen, tujhe milke
bhi pyaas nahin ghat ti. Pighle badan teri tapti nigaahon se, sholon ki aanch aaye
barfili raahon se, lage kadmon se aag lipat ti. Rangon ki barkha hai khushboo ka
saath hai, kisko pataa hai ke ab din hai ke raat hai, lage duniya hi aaj simat ti. Palkon
pe phaila teri palkon ka saaya hai, chehre ne tera mera chehra chhupaya hai. Tere
jalwon ki dhoondh nahin chhat ti nazare hum kya dekhen... Tumhara Manoj

(46) Anu, meri mehbooba tere husn aur ishk ki raahon mein bahon mein nigahon
mein dil dooba.  Gulshan mein phool khilte hain jab sehra mein milte hain main aur tu.
Tumhe dekh kar dil par kaboo nahin hota hai.  Love n kisses muaaaah muaaah. manoj

(46) My love Anu, Tere chehre mein woh jaadu hai, bin dor khincha jaata hoon,
jaana hota hai aur kahin, teri oar chala aata hoon.Teri heere jaisi aankhen, aankhon
me hai lakhon baatein, baaton mein ras ki barsaaten, mujhmein pyar ki pyas jagaye.
Tu jo ek nazar daale, ji uththe marne wale, lub tere amrit ke pyale, mujhme jeene ki
aas badhaye, chal parhte hain tere saath kadam, main rok nahin paata hoon.  Jab se
tujhko dekha hai, dekh ke khuda ko mana hai, Manke dil yeh kehta hai, meri
khushiyon ka tu hai khazana. Dede pyar kee manzoori, karde kami meri puri. Tujhse
thodi si doori, mujhe karti hai divana. Pana tujhko mushkil hi sahi, paane ko machal
jata hoon. lv n hugs manoj

(47) Meri Anu this is for you only, Chandan sa badan chanchal chitvan dheere se tera
yeh muskana mujhe dosh na dena jag walon ho jaoon agar main divana...  Ye kaam
kamaan bhave teri palkon ke kinare kajrare maathe pe sinduri suraj hai honthon pe
dahkate angare saaya bhi jo tera par jaaye abaad ho dil ka virana... Tan bhi sundar
man bhi sundar tu sundarta ki murat hai. Kisi aur ko shayad kam hogi mujhe teri
bahut zarurat hai pehle bhi bahut main tarsa hoon tu aur na mujhko tarsana. Yeh
vishaal nain jaise neel gagan panchhi ki tarah kho jaoon main sarhana jo ho teri
bahon ka angaron pe so jaoon main. Mera bairagi mun dol gaya dekhi jo adaa teri
mastana... lots of lv Manu

(48) Sirf meri Anu, Aise na mujhe tum dekho seene se laga loonga tumko main chura
loonga tumse dil mein chhupa loonga... Tere dil se ae dilbar dil mera kehta hai pyar
ke dushman log mujhe dar lagta rehta hai, thaam lo tum meri baahein main tumhein
sambhaloonga... Dheemi dheemi aag se ek shola bharkaya hai door se tumne iss dil
ko itna tarsaya hai, main ab iss dil ke saare armaan nikaloonga, jaaneman tumko apni
main jaan bana loonga tumko main chura loonga tumse dil mein chhupa loonga.
Truly yours Manoj

(49) My love Anu for you, O mere dil ke chaen. Chaen aaye mere dil ko dua kijiye.
Apna hi saaya dekh ke tum jaane jahan sharma gaye abhi to yeh pehli manzil hai tum
to abhi se ghabra gaye mera kya hoga socho to zara haaye aise na aanhe bhara
kijiye... Aap ka armaan aap ka naam mera taraana aur nahin inn jhukti palkon ke siva
dil ka thikana aur nahin jachta hi nahin aankhon mein koi dil tumko hi chaahe to kya
kijiye... Yun to akela bhi aksar gir ke sambhal sakta hoon main tum jo pakarh lo haath
mera duniya badal sakta hoon main.. maanga hain tumhe duniya ke liye ab khud hi
sanam faisla kijiye o mere dil ke chaen... Lv n hugs Manoj

(50) My sweet Anu for you, O meri sharmilee aao na tarsaao na.. Tera kaajal lekar raat
bani, teri mehndi lekar din uga, teri boli sun kar sur jage, teri khushbu lekar phool
khila, jaaneman tu hai kahaan… Teri raahon se guzre jab se hum, mujhe meri dagar
tak yaad nahin, tujhe dekha jab se dilruba mujhe mera ghar tak yaad nahin… O neeraj
naina aa zara, teri laaj ka ghoonghat khol dun, tere aanchal par koi geet likhun… Tere
honthon mein amrit ghol dun..jaaneman tons of lv Manoj

(51) Meri janeman Anu, main tumko kabhi nahin chhorunga ye mera commitment hai
tumhare saath. Mujhe kirhe parhe agar main tumko chhorh ke jaaoon. Tum yaar
mujhe goli maar dena agar main apna commitment break karoon. Tum bas chinta mat
karo meri jaan... ankhen bund kar ke mera vishvas karo my love. Tumhara apna Manoj

(52)  Meri roop ki rani Anu, Roop tera mastana pyaar mera diwana... bhool koi humse
na ho jaye.. Raat nasheeli mast samaa hai aaj nashe mein saara jahan hai haan ye
sharabi mausam behkaye…ankhon se ankhen milti hain aise.. bechain hoke toofan
mein jaise… mauj koi saahil se takraaye.. rok raha hai hum ko zamana… door hi
rehna paas na aana kaise magar koi dil ko samjhaaye... Tumhara manoj

(53) Anu Saans mein teri saans mili to mujhe saans aayi... rooh ne chhoo li tere jism ki
khushboo, tu jo paas aayi..  kab tak hosh sambhale koi, hosh urhe to urh jaane do..
tere khayal mein doob ke aksar achchi lage tanhaayi..raat teri baahon mein katey to,
subaha barhi halki lagti hai aankh mein rehne lage ho kya tum, kyon chhalki chhalki
lagti hai mujhko phir se chhoo ke bolo meri kasam kya khaayi.. apka manoj.

(53) Meri Anu, Achchi nahin sanam dillagi dil e bekarar se. pyar ke khel mein kaisa dil
kya jaan. Kehte ho tum to yun hi sahi ki ae mere hasin.. Saari khata jawani ki hai..
kasoor aapka nahi.. kar jaate ho sharaarat jab milte ho pyaar se. lv manoj

(54) My Jaan Anu, Ab ke sawan mein ji darey rim jhim tan pe paani girey mun mein
lagey aag si.  Aisa mausam pehle kabhi bhi aaya nahin aisa baadal ambar pe kabhi
chhaya nahin. Yeh suhaana sama prem ki khoj mein, mauj mein.. tumharey pichhey
pagal premi banke phiroon. Aa tujhko aankhon mein chhupa loon is raat mein kajra
gajra beh jaayega ri barsaat mein. Marta hoon tumpar Manoj

(54) Dear Anu, Bheegi bheegi raaton mein meethi meethi baaton mein aisi barsaaton
mein aisa lagta hai… tum ban ke baadal mere badan ko bhigo ke mujhe chherh rahi
ho… ambar khele holi to paani ke iss reley mein saavan ke iss meley mein... aisa lagta
hai tum ban ke ghata apne sajan ko bhigo ke khel… khel rahi ho…  Barkha se
bachaalun tujhe seene se lagaa loon aa chhupaalun… Dil ne pukara dekho rut ka
ishaara dekho uff ye nazara dekho aisa lagtaa hai kuchh ho jayega… mast pavan ke
ye jhonke sajni dekh rahi ho. Lots of lv n kisses Manoj

(55) My dear Anu, khuda bhi aasmaan se jab zameen par dekhta hoga mere mehboob
ko kisne banaya sochta hoga… mussbir khud pareshaan hai ke yeh tasvir kiski hai…
banogi jiski tum aisi haseen taqdeer kiski hai... zamaane bhar ki masti ko nigaahon
mein sameta hai… kali se jism ko kitni bahaaron mein lapeta hai, hua tumsa koi pehle
na koi doosra hoga. Farishte bhi yahaan raaton ko aa kar ghumte honge jahaan
rakhti ho tum paaon jagah woh chumte honge kisike dil pe kya guzri yeh wohi jaanta
hoga. Tons of lv n hugs manoj

(55)  My heartbeat Anu, Aaj mausam barha beyimaan hai.. Aane vaala koi toofan hai…
Kya hua hai, hua kuchh nahin hai…  Baat kya hai pata kuchh nahin hai..  Mujhse koi
khataa ho gayi to ismein meri khataa kuchh nahi hai… Khubsurat hai tu rut javan hai.  
Ae mere yaar ae husn vaale dil kiya maine tere havaale… Teri marzi pe ab baat thahri
jine de chahe tu maar dale… Tere haathon mein abb meri jaan hai. Lv u manoj

(56) Anu my love for you, Barkha rani zara jum ke barso, mera dilbar ja na paaye
jhoomkar barso…Ye abhi to aaye hain kehte hai hum jaaye hain..yun baras barson
baras ke yeh umar bhar na jaayen re. Mast saavan ki ghata bijuriya chamka zara..yaar
mera dar ke mere seene se lag jaaye re. lv n hugs muaaaah muaaaah manoj

(56) Meri jaan se zyada pyari Anu, tera bheega hua anchal ankhon ka yeh kajal ghayal
karta hai mujhe. Mere seene ki yeh halchal barhne lagti hai pal pal.. pagal karti hai
mujhe. Apni sanson ke yeh sholay meri sanson mein tu gholay to pal mein pighal
jaayen hum.  Tere honthon ke angarey honthon pe hamare rakh de tu to jal jaayen
hum. Meri jaan tera pyar wo aag hai jismein nahin hai dhuan. Lagti hai jab teri talab to
jal jaaten hain mere jism aur jaan. Itna paas aa.. mujhmein sama ja.. ke ban jaayen
hum do badan ek jaan. Apka aur sirf apka sacha ashiq Manoj

(57) My love Anu for you, boondein nahin sitare tapke hain kehakasha se jaise sadke
utar rahen hain tumpar ye asmaan se.. moti ke rang rut ke katrey damak rahe hain..ya
reshmi laton mein jugnu chamak rahe hain.  Aanchal mein jaise bijli chamke yahaan
vahaan se.. dekhe to koi aalam bheege se... paani mein hai ye sholaa, yaa noor hai
badan ka... angrayi le rahen hain armaan javaan se.  Pehlu mein aake mere kya cheez
lag rahi ho baahon ke daayare mein tasvir lag rahi ho.. hairaan hoon ke tumko
dekhun kahaan kahaan se. lv manoj

(57) Meri pyari Anu, Tere sang pyar maine nahin torhna chahe tere picche jag parhe
chorhna. Torh doonga zamane ke bandhan sabhi teri bahon ka bandhan na torhun...
Chorh de saath chaahe meri zindagi phir bhi main na tera saath chorhun…duniya ki
divaron ko hai torhna. Teri saanson ki awaaz ban ban ke main tere honthon ki narmi
chura loon. Tere rukhsaaron ki reshmi aag se chahta hoon main dil ko jalaa loon.
Kahin jorh ke yeh naata nahin torhna. Maang teri mein main shabnam ke moti bharun
aur nazaron ki mehndi lagaoon aaj dil se hai dil ko jorhna.  Aankh ban ke tujhe dekhta
hi rahun pyar ki aisi tasvir ban ja. Teri bahon ki chhaon se lipta rahun meri saanson ki
takdir ban ja. Tere saath vada kiya nahin torhna. Lv u Sirf tumhara manoj

(58) Meri jaan lekar hum diwana dil phirtey hain manzil manzil ke kahin to pyari Anu
mil jaao tum andhere ujaaley. Tu kahin rahe yun lagey mujhe ke mere dil ke paas hai...
bas maangu teri khair ke aa tere bagair dil mera udaas hai. Anu tere jalwe hain
niraaley. Aaja aaja aaja.. humko kas ke seene se laga le. Lots of lv n kisses, Tiger

(58) My Anu, Sharma na yoon ghabara na yoon parda kiye yeh raat hai. Tarana
dhadkan ka na seene me daba na koyi jaanega yeh aapas ki baat hai -  hai na. Har
khushi hain teri Phoolon ke jism si taazagi hai teri yeh tohfa gulshan ka na paakar
yoon gava ke ab jo bhi hai wo sab tere hi haath hain - hain na.  Aish ka jaam le main
tuhje thaam loon tu mujhe thaam le bahana bholepan ka bana kar na sataa ke barhi
mushkil se phir aati yeh raat hai.. bolo na baby. Apka apna manoj

(59) Meri Khoobsurti ki misal Anu. After seeing your face i do not want to look at any
other woman's face.. I am so much in love with you n only you. Yours forever Manoj

(59) My love Anu, ab jo miley hain to bahon ko bahon mein rehne de jaane jaan. sach
hain ke jhuthey hain honthon ko honthon se kehne de jaane jaan. Yun hi nasha
charhta rahe yeh tera pyar barhta rahe yeh jhoomta saya tera tan pe mere parhta
rahe. I get so intoxicated by your beauty n brains n purity. lv u hamesha Manoj

(59) Meri sundar Anu, dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaan lijiye... bas ek baar mera kaha
maan lijiye.  kahiye to apke liye aasman ko zameen par utaar layen. tons of love. Apka
aur sirf apka Manoj

(60) My dearest Anu, Aaye tum yaad mujhe gaane lagi har dharkan..khushboo laayi
pawan mehka chandan. Jis pal naino mein sapna tera aaye uss pal mausam par
mehndi rach jaaye aur tu ban jaye jaise dulhan…  Jab main raaton mein taarey ginta
hoon aur tere kadmon ki aahat sunta hoon lagey mujhe har taara tera darpan..  har
pal man mera mujhse kehta hai jiski dhun main tu khoya rehta hai bhar de phoolon
se uska daaman… lots of lv n hugs Manoj

(60) Jaane jaana Anu, Kuch bhi kar lo ik din tumko meri hona hoga hamara tumhara o
dilbar dilara haan hoga guzara. I love you baby. Muaaah muaaaah my love urs Manoj

(61) My love Anu,Tere honthon ke do phool pyare pyare mere pyar ke baharon ke
nazarey, teri ankhon ke do taarey pyare, meri raaton ke chamaktey sitarey ab mujhe
gagan se kya lena. Teri kaya kanchan kirnon ka hai jisme basera.  Teri saanse mehki
teri zulfon mein khushbu ka dera.. tera mehke ang ang jaise soney mein sugandh
mujhe chandan ban se kya lena. Tera mukhra damke chamke jaise sagar pe chamke
savera. Teri meethi har baat jaise ras ki hai barsaat mujhe ab sawan se kya lena. Your
forever n ever manoj

(62) Anu, Ur the cutest preetiest bestest woman my jaan.  I will lv u forever. manoj

(62) Meri Roopmati Anu, Roop yeh tera jisne banaya rang ye tera jisne sajaya wo
kahin mil jaaye to haath chum loon.. Kaari kaari ratiyon se kajal churaya teri pyaari
pyaari ankhiyon mein lagaya mukh pe sawera jisne sajaya wo kahin mil jaaye to
haath chum loon.  Sundar aisi koi kavita nahi hai chanchal aisi koi sarita nahin hai..
Ang ang tera jisne banaya wo kahin mil jaaye to haath chum loon. Aisa kora badan
jaise shishe ka pyala ban gaya main to bin piye matwaala haal ye mera jisne banaya
wo kahin mil jaaye to haath chum loon. Apka diwana Manoj

(63) my dearest jaaneman Anu, You are my life and I don't think i can stay without
you. Every breath i take every heartbeat i hear repeats the Anu-Manu love story over
n over again.  Wish I could make you legally mine today. Miss u miserably all the time
my magic!!. Hv a wonderful morning text me whn you are free. manoj

(63) Meri Jaan Anu, Saanson ki mala pe simroon main tera naam yehi meri bandagi
aur puja hai. lv u tons apka Manoj

(64) Gooooood Mmmmmooooorrrrnnnning my jind jaan my khoobsoorti ki misal Anu.
I am so much in love with you that even I cannot fathom my feelings. I get super sexy
thoughts when i think of you all the time. I know its not your problem but hum
intezaar karenge apka qayamat tak. lv u manoj

(65) You are my jaan my sbkuch Anu.  I love you n can die for you.  Have a wonderful
day. Call me whn free can't wait to hear your lovely voice as always. you lover manoj

(66) meri Anu. i slept alone again and made love to you in my dreams feeling
heavenly my jaan. your manoj.

(67) Anu ur my motivation my inspiration my dedication...feel like marrying you
today... Let the world go to hell!!! manoj

(68) Anu i trust you completely my jaan... never again will I ask you this question if
you love me... i will wait to hear it from you.  {()} manoj

New York Indian diplomat's love text go viral. Written by: The Investigative Team

At the FIA ticketed VVIP Gala Dinner with Grand Marshall Bollywood Actor Saif Ali Khan and Cricketer Anil Kumble at the Palace in New Jersey in 2012
(VVVIP tickets at this Gala dinner cost was over $150 per person sitting in the first row front table - All was paid for by Dr. Anurita Kapur for Manoj & herself.)
At U.S. Mission to the United Nations Event for a Farewell Party
for Colonel Maria in Manhattan, New York
At Japan Society Conference & Event in 2013 in
Manhattan, NYC
At the South Seaport in Manhattan, New York
Christmas Celebrations at the Rockefellar Center.
At the Indian Consulate in Manhattan, New York
We retain all Love Letters on PMI Stationary in
their original form for our records.
Letter Contents on PMI Letterhead typed here for clarity.
My Dearest Anu,   Magic......  Till I met you, I never thought
anything of the word "magic".  I guessed it was something
unreal, imaginary - a form of childish entertainment..  Not till I
experienced your divine proximity, Not till I felt your throbbing
heart, Not till I gazed into those enchanting doe eyes..  That
exquisite feeling of falling in love, being totally bessotted,
wanting to share my every lving breath with you..  To me this is
pure bliss, pure happiness, pure love.... pure magic!! LOVE U.     
Manoj   25' June 2012

Letter Contents of one of the letters on (left) the Permanent Mission of
India's Letterhead typed here for clarity.
My Dearest Anu,   Magic......  Till I met you, I never thought anything of the word
"magic".  I guessed it was something unreal, imaginary - a form of childish
entertainment..  Not till I experienced your divine proximity, Not till I felt your
throbbing heart, Not till I gazed into those enchanting doe eyes..  
That exquisite feeling of falling in love, being totally bessotted, wanting to share
my every living breath with you..  
To me this is pure bliss, pure happiness, pure love.... pure magic!! LOVE U.     
25' June 2012
We have retained the original of this letter for our records.
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Met on International Women's Day, 2013
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Subject:  Meeting
Hi Anurita,
It was amazing to meet a highly professional and intellectual lady like you.  The dynamism stuck me like cannon fire. Besides business the willing spirit to help the
disadvantaged was very overpowering. However there appeared to be some deep anguish and sadness in the heart. I couldn't guess.
I have commanded men and their families for 25 years and am a fairly good judge of hearts and minds. I admit it was different this time.
Regards,  Manoj
E-MAIL January 28, 2012
INDIA ABROAD NEWSPAPER - One of the Largest and Oldest Newspaper widely circulated in the U.S. for Indians
Anurita celebrated Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari's Birthday at the Waldorf
Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, New York on October 1, 2012.  She presented Manoj
with high end expensive gifts for this celebration.
Rapist Manoj Tiwari is a user and an opportunist too.  He asked Anurita to buy him an apartment in New York City so every time he visits the
United States he can reside there & finally be there after we are married.  On many occasions, Anurita gave Manoj expensive gifts from her
favorite Aristocratic Stores namely: Neiman Marcus, Tiffany & Company, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and other high end
stores: Expensive Brand Name: dozens of Neck Ties, Colognes, Clothes, Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Wallets, Godiva & very expensive Chocolate
Boxes, real gold jewelery and much much more. (Anurita has retained receipts & other proofs of all her expensive gifts given to Manoj Tiwari
as he accepted all her gifts.)
Senior Journalist Prakash Swamy, PhD's Facebook Post 2015