Dr. Anurita Gg. Kapur, M.D.
Proprietor & Chief Operating
LMG Division of Information Technologies
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Customized IT Support serving your entire computer network.  Affordable. Responsive.
Guaranteed.  If you buy yearly support packages from us we will discount the hourly rate.
Let our expertise save you time and money!

Custom Tailored Support

We understand that each company has unique support and repair needs. Thats why we do not box our clients into a broad service
package. We provide customized IT support that works for your business - with as little or as much support as you need.

Our Support Services include:
        Network intallation and management
        Preventative hardware maintenance
        Software and operating system installations and updates
        On-site technical assistance and trouble shooting
        One Hour Response Time And Comprehensive Parts Network
        Backup and restoration

Worry Free Maintenance Agreements

Our maintenance agreements require no up-keep or ongoing input - they are completely hassle-free. They include a guaranteed one-hour
response time and comprehensive parts network that ensures your systems get up and running quickly.
        24/7 Call Management (if needed)
        Remedial Maintenance
        Preventative Maintenance
        On-site Supplemental Help
        Site Relocation Services

Preventative Care

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. We do not wait for a problem to arise. We provide excellent preventative support
services and take the time to educate your team on how to avoid costly repairs and downtime. Our preventative services include:
        Preventative hardware maintenance
        Updating service packs
        Maintaining current software and operating systems
        Data redundancy
        Back-up and restoration

Hardware Support You Can Count On
Rely on our enterprise level support

Call Maintenance System
Our technicians are deployed via our internally developed dispatch system. Every call we get is considered urgent, with a guaranteed 1
hour response time.
This system is available 24/7 to provide call management for our Field Engineers and customers.

Method of Dispatch
We monitor all incoming calls to ensure the fastest response. When you contact us a field engineer will return your call within an hour,
assess the situation,
and advise you as to the engineer's ETA.

For a system down condition the Field Engineer manager will receive a status report within one-half hour from the servicing technician
after the technician has arrived on-site. If the repair is not completed within 2 hours from the time the technician arrives on site, a
"machine alert" will be declared. Notification of the problem will be escalated through LMG Technology staff and appropriate action will
be taken to keep down time to an absolute minimum.

Services we provide:

•        Consultations
•        Support
•        Installations of Operating Systems and Applications
•        Troubleshooting PC problem when necessary
•        Internet business services, setup and instruction
•        Printer and Network troubleshooting
•        Onsite Computer training
•        Imaging Servers and PCs.
•        Offsite Daily Backup on a Robust Secure Server (LMG Backup is a HIPAA Compliant backup solution  that provides
reliable & secure backup   
services for any number of Servers & PCs.)

We can Assist and Troubleshoot Problems with:  
*        Printers
*        Network issues
*        Upgrade existing systems
*        Consult on custom system building programs
*        Computer purchases
Other Services we provide include:

        Analysis                                                                                              Systems Planning

        Systems Design                                                                               Database Solutions

        Network Design                                                                               Programming

        System Conversion                                                                        System Maintenance

        Installation                                                                                         Documentation

        Project Management                                                                      Intranet Site Design & Development

        Internet Connectivity Design                                                       Computer Network Design

        Groupware & Messaging Solutions                                           Web Site Evaluation & "Peer Review"

        JavaScript, Perl, & CGI Scripting                                                Hardware Evaluation & Specification

        Software Evaluation and Tailoring                                             System Crash Recovery Planning

        Network System Upgrade Planning                                           Software Evaluation and Tailoring

        Program Design and Implementation                                        Backups / Disaster recovery

        Relational Database Management Systems                             Program Implementation

        Testing, Maintenance, and Enhancements                              Web Page Programming / HTML Coding
LMG Information Technologies

For over five years, LMG Technology has been providing  with comprehensive and quality computer services.  
We are a cutting edge provider of specially tailored computer services for your business.  With over a decade of
experience working with PCs, our staff of professionals can help you get the most out of your computers,
network, website, and the Internet.  Whether it's designing and maintaining your network, website, managing
email, or domain name registration.
LMG Technology's services are designed with you in mind.

LMG Technologies offers services that range from network design, maintenance, and equipment selection, to
consulting and general assistance. We can provide extremely cost effective firewalls, file servers, print servers,
and Internet sharing, to name just a few.

LMG Technologies can get your website (with email) up and running within days, hook up your network to and
get your computers working at peak performance...the way they should. We can recommend the best places to
get the best prices on computers and computer equipment, and get it all running without the headaches!

From the simplest stand alone PC, to a local area network full of workstations; LMG Technology provides
comprehensive computer services for all of your PC based computing needs.  For more information on our
services, take a look at our Services section.

LMG Network/Server Administration

For more information please e-mail us or call us.

Network/Server Administration for your company consists of remotely checking your office once a week, checking logs, and
configurations for any errors or problems. We also perform system backups of your entire server and configuration for you (optional with
a reasonable cost), and if you request, we keep one backup tape OFF site for you in case of a disaster, all of your files will be saved
without losing any of your important files or configuration. Your tape backup will be stored safely for you so you don't have to worry about
your information.

For more information on our Network/Server Administration, please email us or call us.

Network/Server Administration/Monthly Maintenance

When you don't want to hire someone for a full-time IT department, a monthly maintenance agreement might be the solution for
you. This way you have
someone familiar with you and your network, and on-call when you need them. A little time spent every month on each
computer can keep it running smoothly,
but when the unexpected happens, you know who to call to get help.

* Easy access to someone who knows your system.

* Direct number for immediate access.

* Service calls on short notice.

* Weekend and evening service available.

* No additional charge for emergency service.

* Reduced rates on additional services.

* Priority handling
Standard services:

Hardware and Software - Installation of computer hardware and software, as well as upgrades
System troubleshooting - Total analysis and repair of most system problems
Network Administration/Monthly Maintenance - Computer and network support

Extended services:
File/Print servers - Setting up network servers (Novell and Windows), workstations, printers, e-mail, and Internet access
Firewalls - Flexible firewalls with configurable packet filtering parameters
Internet sharing - Share one Internet connection with multiple users
Web servers - Complete local web services for the Internet or LAN

Web services:
Creation of web site - Complete web services are available
Web host selection - Assistance in selecting the right web host for your needs

Consulting services:
Computer selection – Assess and recommend various computer needs
Training - Training on general PC use, Internet, and most applications
Upgrades - Hardware, software, or system upgrades

Are your computer problems slowing your productivity and wasting time?

Is your business being stymied by old or outdated computer equipment?

Are you asking yourself daily, when will these computers make my day easier instead of more difficult like I heard they were supposed
to; especially when you are not seeing the results you need?   You need help but don’t know where to turn?

Do your employees hardly use the software you bought because they don't have the proper training?  

Thinking of installing a network for better productivity and collaboration.  Perhaps you need shared access to the Internet through your
companies Local Area
Network?  Perhaps you need some expert advice on how to get more productivity from your investment.  Let an expert consultant come
to your place of
business and show you how to take proper advantage of today's technologies. Perhaps a new business model will help you to increase
profits and
productivity. You may need to make that investment in technology that you have been holding off on. Perhaps your customer service
staff are overworked, we
could establish a Web Presence to answer questions allowing customers to fill out requisition forms or any other of the common tasks
that keep the customer
service staff busy. Taking advantage of streamlined approaches and more automation through tips, tricks and training will help you and
your employees
become more efficient and get more done easily.   Full servicing is available for your computer systems.

We can easily troubleshoot problems with:  

        Printers
        Network issues
        Upgrade existing systems
        Consult on custom system building programs
        Computer purchases

Who doesn’t need Internet access and Email? Customers are demanding quicker turnaround times for quotes and answers to their
questions. Set up a
customer centric Website that can easily facilitate these demands that your customers have. We offer a full range of Internet business
solutions for you and
your employees.

Market your products on the Internet and bring what your company has to offer to the world: allow customers and potentials quick access
to the
information that they are after. Create a list of subscribers and you can keep them up-to-date with newsletters and other electronic
publications. If you need help
choosing an Internet Service Provider from the many service providers currently available, we can help. Choose from a wide variety of
Broadband connections
as well as traditional phone line access.   We support all Windows based operating systems, Windows 95 – 2000.  We can analyze your
current situation to
determine your needs and suggest many different possible and viable options keeping your needs and budget in mind.

LMG offers a wide range of services for your entire computer needs:
•        Consultations
•        Installations of Operating Systems and Applications
•        Troubleshooting PC problems
•        Upgrading software or hardware and replacement of computer hardware when necessary
•        Internet business services, setup and instruction
•        Printer and Network troubleshooting
•        On-site Computer training

We give simple easy to understand solutions to your software or hardware problems without intimidating you.  We can have your office
running more smoothly
and efficiently in the shortest time possible. We know that not all companies can afford to hire an IT manager full time; this way we are
your IT partners. Our
hours of operation are flexible to meet your busy schedule. We will work evenings and weekends if necessary to provide you with our
excellent customer
service and your personal satisfaction.  To schedule an on-site service appointment, call or email us.  If you would rather have us come to
your office for any
administration on an hourly bill rate, we can work with you on rates that will fit your budget.

        Our mission is to provide solutions for business computing needs to best accomplish your goals.
        Determine your information handling needs and recommend the optimum approach.

Network Administration/Monthly Maintenance:
Computer and network support without hiring a full-time support department.

Information to help make informed choices about computers, software, networking, the Internet, upgrades, and peripherals.

Computer and Software Training:
Need help with some new software, or just some general training on your new PC? It helps to have someone with experience sit down
with you and explain the
software you're using and how you can get the most of it. Training is available on most commonly used applications

Setup, Installation, Repair, and Tune-Up:
What upgrade options are available for your system? A system software upgrade may be all you need or maybe some new memory or a
processor upgrade. We
can provide a list of upgrade options for any system, including hardware and software options.

•        The Right Computer:
What type of system do you need? Word processing and email don't need the high-powered systems that graphics and video editing do.
Knowing where to
purchase your system, and where to get the best deals can save you money.

•        The Right Software:
What software will you need to do what you want to do? Is WordPerfect an alternative to MS Office? We can provide a list of possible
software, prices and
vendors to meet your needs.

•        Peripherals:
Scanners, printers, CD ROMs, external hard drives, cameras. Which one is the right one for you and your budget? We can help determine
what will fit your

Setting up network servers, workstations, printers, and Internet access.

Web Site / Internet Services:
•        Creation of web site - Complete web services are available
•        Graphic conversion - Conversion of most graphics into a web compatible format
•        Photo enhancements - Repair of minor flaws in web photos and graphics
•        Graphic/Logo design
•        Web host selection - Assistance in selecting the right web host for your needs

If you don't have a site yet, we can register your name, and build your site! From Movies to great graphics using Flash! And with fabulous
rates for the smaller

Web Site Promotion:
Increase traffic to your web site by having your site submitted to up to 192 search engines and directories around the world. We can also
fine-tune your website with meta tags, graphics tags, modifying the text in your web pages, and assisting you with other forms of Internet
based advertising.

Domain (Web Site):
We will help you get your web site, with your domain name (example: www.lmg4you.com), complete with email, registered and running
within days!

Get electronic mail from anywhere in the world with your domain name.
(Example: john_doe@123.com).

Network Needs:
We can provide a list of needed equipment, prices, and vendors (example:  workstations, servers, printers, and Internet connectivity).

LMG Information Technologies Services
"What do we do?" Our answer to that is "everything".

LMG's main objective is to help its clients improve their core business by implementing quality computer solutions. We work with clients
to create a solution that effectively links their people, business processes and computer technology with their approach.
Whatever your requirements -- from a full turnkey project to assistance in a specific development phase, from systems re-engineering to
application outsourcing -- LMG will provide the necessary consulting services and technical expertise.

1.        Analyze -- We begin by surveying existing equipment, software, and personnel. Once this information is compiled, we can develop a
plan that integrates current and developing technologies with the existing conditions and the desired results.

2.        Design -- This is the next step in LMG Computer Solutions full service package. Once a plan has been devised, we can begin to craft
the specific items needs for a final implementation.

3.        Implementation -- This is the final step in an information technology project. Once the plan is set, the products chosen, and the
programs developed, we can proceed to physically deploying and testing the solution. This stage is equivalent to the task of constructing a
building once the blue print is completed.

This three-stage process allows us to devise any solution to any problem. For your reference, we have provided below a selective list of
items that would fall into the various stages.

Our Technical Team Consists of top notch IT Engineers certified in:

* A+ Certified
* MCSE - Certified
* A ComPTIA Certification Program
* ITIL - Certified
* MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional
* CNE Certified Novell Engineer
* HP ASE - Accredited Systems Engineer
* HP ASI - Accredited Platform Integrator

LMG Division of Information Technology partner's with and works with:

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions that help people
and businesses realize their full potential.

Allscripts delivers an integrated platform of solutions to facilitate enhanced collaboration and exchange of critical
patient                                                                         information.  






Mc Kesson



LMG works with and partners with many many more IT Industry companies..
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