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Universal Peace Organization "UPO" is an organization that is formed by Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. she
is the Founder and President.  Her mission is to offer humanitarian services for peace and awareness
to mankind and educate all around the world for the good of all.  UPO's headquarters are located at
the world's capital city - Manhattan, New York - situated at The Empire State Building.  

Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Livingston Medical Groups.
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Dr. Kapur wishes to cater to the needs of all those around the world who did not get an opportunity
to get educated due to not having the opportunity, lack of resources or just simply not having the will
to educate themselves. By educating those individuals who did not have the means to get educated
she wishes to accomplish giving all around the world awareness of right and wrong and to be better
decison makers of their lives and make a difference in the world.  Dr. Kapur says, I strongly believe
that, "Education is a treasure that leads to knowledge that no one can steal from us."  

Dr. Kapur wants to impart knowledge and awareness to the world that will make a difference to all.  
She wants to get her positive messages across to the world that will change people's lives for the
better of all.  She believes, "when there is a will there is a way."  She has the will and she has a way
and by all of your help to be willing to change your lives by modern education.  She says, we will
overcome the hurdles that had kept us away from the light of modern education all this time.

Dr. Kapur does not touch religion as she says, "that is a personal relationship of each individual with
our Almighty Lord God".  Dr. Kapur's focus will be to teach humanity a way of life to be successful
and excel.  You can teach the same to your children who will teach their children and the cycle will
continue.  She says, it will lead to a cycle of learning, educating and thus obtaining knowledge.  This
obtained knowledge will lead all of us to be peaceful, be goal oriented and actually achieve the goal
and excel.  Dr. Kapur wishes to air her speeches and training courses via all modes of media.  She
wants to reach out to all those people who could not go to esteemed colleges or universities and
maybe were left back.  Now they have an opportunity to be able to achieve education.

Dr. Kapur says, "I am deeply committed to the cause of education and would like to see every person,
man and woman, boy and girl, be touched by the light of modern education.  Empowerment of women
is particularly important to me as I believe this leads to the empowerment of humanity".
Education promotes economic growth through competition and self-reliance with emphasis on
equality and social justice.

Dr. Kapur also said, "I am committed to preserve unity and integrity of humanity".  She wants to join
hands with the entire world to bring about a peaceful change through the light of education.

Dr. Kapur's vision is to make the world a peaceful and better place to live by educating the world to
achieve universal peace for the sake of our children's better future.

Dr. Anurita Kapur's vision for UNIVERSAL PEACE is love, oneness, togetherness, kindness,
understanding, respect, patience, dedication, discipline, achievements and awareness through
education & knowledge - all this leads to prosperity and inner happiness and a sense of self worth.
We are an organization striving to offer our services to make a difference in the world and making the
world a better place to live.
PHONE:      (646) 430-8311
FAX:          (646) 350-3834
(By appointment only due to high building security